Dangling Belly Fashion

Belly piercings have been made glamour and erotic accessory when worn by women, it just adds up to the glamour quotient. Moving belly rings are curved barbells with bead at one end and ball at the other end, which is bigger and they have UV material embedded in them, which gives them a glossy finish and glow in the dark with various color combinations.
These moving belly rings are available in a wide range of exotic colors with hygienic properties and hence worn by women to flaunt their flat ABS in parties to increase their sex appeal. They surely turn heads in clubs and party scenes because of its visual appeal and style.

Belly piercing which was once done by dancers and models in the fashion industry has now become a cult hit with women followers all over the world who wear these white gold belly rings to flaunt their flat and curvy belly.  These belly rings are made of hollow yellow colored white gold which is in the shape of curved banana with the dangling jewelry attached to them.
White gold is shining and visually appealing and hence women love this banana bar belly ring which dangles with motion and make men go crazy. They can be worn in clubs, discotheques and even in family events. They are user friendly and cheap and elegant gifts for near and dear ones.

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Author: pbblog

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