9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Square Jeweled Top

9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Square Jeweled TopLip piercings are the coolest of piercings which renders edginess to your personality. While many youngsters are choosing their favorite lip accessories, finding out the right one is a task of its own. Even after you have chosen the one you think looks best, you will need to change after 2-4 weeks because the initial studs are difficult to be accommodated. Changing the labret accessory is easy but the piercing needs to be healed properly before you remove the accessory. You can choose a smaller accessory to save your teeth.

The 9K Gold Internal Lip Labret brought to you by Pierce Body  has a CZ as the decorative end. High quality metal and perfect finish makes the items an attractive and best value for money piece. Its square shape and light in weight nature makes it a fantastic style icon. Now, if you wish to replace the one you are wearing currently, you have to follow these steps.

Steps for Changing Your Lip Piercing            

  • Stand under a brightly lit mirror to spot the piercing clearly. The hole might appear small after removing the lip accessory. Therefore, it is important to stand under a bright light to make the hole properly.
  • You will need an antibacterial solution or soap to wash your hands before you touch the piercing. Do not forget to dry your hands also.
  • Take a cotton swab and wet it with a sterile saline solution to pull the lip accessory. Pull the jewelry from the outside of your lip gently and rub the cotton swab on the post of the jewelry few times to get rid of any debris and also loosen the stud from the surrounding area.
  • Now spin the stud few times to loosen it from the surrounding skin while pulling out the accessory with another hand from outside of your lip.
  • Get a hold of the lip jewelry from inside of your mouth firmly. Usually this is done with fingers only, but if you find it difficult then buy a pair of forceps to perform the same operation. It will provide a better grip.
  • Grab the front portion of the lip piercing while still holding the back portion firmly and rotate it anticlockwise until it is unscrewed. Now, pull the stem from inside your mouth and arrange the 2 pieces of jewelry.
  • Now insert a new one by rotating it clockwise to screw the ball on the outside. Aligning the front and back from outside to inside in important.

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