Silicone Piercing Jewelry

A perfect choice for people with sensitive or allergy-prone skin, silicone piercings lend a unique look with their bright colors. They are extremely easy to wear and durable enough to resist tears.

Steal the show with Silicone Piercing

Fashion trends don’t change in a month or a year; rather they keep evolving every day. Fashion is not just limited to building a new wardrobe. Sometimes, merely a petite body jewelry ensemble can help in expressing yourself in a totally different way. Silicone Piercing is the perfect example of this fact. Silicone piercings are trending heavily these days and can be seen everywhere. You can find a colleague at your workplace or a glam model in fashion magazine experimenting with this fabulous piece of jewelry. With the promise of being truly fashionable and non-intrusive, the Silicone piercing jewelry by Piercebody is available in bright colors at affordable prices. has been successful in capturing the market niche of jewelry adornments. The accessories offered by us have non-conformist designs and intense range of skin-friendly jewelry specially made for people who are prone to metal allergies. We offer durable and easy to wear silicone piercings in vibrant colors and designs.  

Piercebody’s Silicone Piercings are unique!

Silicone piercings are popular for three reasons—softness, comfort and style! Ear piercing jewelry by Piercebody is an excellent choice because it is light-weight and non-allergic. Expect affordable prices and diversely designed ear studs embossed with gecko and stars. Our silicone piercing jewelry is ideal for you as it is soft and highly biocompatible. Here, you get gorgeous, bright-colored and comfortable to wear pieces. Our silicone jewelry is made with surgical grade silicone that won’t harm your skin.  Made from soft biocompatible silicone, our silicone piercings are metal-free which are safe to wear to hospitals, school and work. 

Why choose makes the online shopping of piercing jewelry a smooth and convenient experience. Ours is a perfect platform where you can easily find premium to everyday wear jewelry at market-best retail prices!

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We are a leading retailer of body piercing jewelry for both men and women having the perfect bulk order processing setup at affordable prices. Browse our collection and get yourself the exquisite solid colored silicone plugs…. 

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32 Item(s)

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