Straight Barbells

We have a great assortment of straight barbells that is sure to make you love them. The straight barbells in our collection are noted for their exquisite workmanship, graceful and elegant designs, trendy looks and vibrant color combinations. Finest quality in myriad shapes and sizes with unbeatable prices are our highlight. Avail our special piercing deals where you get jewelry for sale.

Trending in the World of Designer Piercings: Straight Barbells

The name gives away its unique feature; a Straight Barbell is very similar to the barbell found in gyms. However, you have beads at each end and not weighted plates. Straight Barbells continue to grab the attention of the young, very urbane crowd. For most young professionals, a Straight Barbell is the single-most impactful way of making your presence felt. We have a huge variety of designer Straight Barbells that employ quality surgical stainless steel. These designer barbells come in a variety of finishing options.

We bet you won't find a more diverse line of Straight Barbells which are exclusively designed. We bring you groundbreaking styles designed by our piercing artists. You will often come across new additions to this category since we are exploring, discovering more ways to make Straight Barbells a piercing fashion icon. We are continuously tracking the inventory to ensure that whenever there is a new addition to the Straight Barbells niche, our production volumes are raised. We believe in maintaining ready-to-ship inventory. This includes discounted rates and immediate shipment for bulk or wholesale orders.

We implore you to spend some time in browsing this infinite range of Straight Barbells, each design featuring different gauges and lengths. Straight Barbells are among the globally popular body piercing options in a multitude of piercing trends. Straight body piercing barbells can be used for a number of piercings including eyebrows, tongues, nipples and ear piercings. Our collection of Straight Barbells is slightly biased towards the eyebrow, tragus, conch, and belly piercings. We believe that this is where the appeal of Straight Barbells is the maximum. However, we are ready to optimize our inventory if we sense a change in the piercing fraternity.

A testament to our standards for maintaining high quality standards is the use of materials like surgical-quality steel fitted with color balls, UV balls, and tongue bar rings with different spikes and accents. Expect more barbells to be added in the next few weeks, as we explore more vibrant color options, including Pink, Blue, Purple, and different hues of White.

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Straight Barbells are now considered a piercing classic. The reason lies in barbells being very versatile. They present a wider landscape to be pierced. Browse our collection of fashionable Barbells created from non-corroding, durable and lustrous stainless steel

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