Loose Items

We have a great collection of various loose items of body jewelry. They are made of best quality steel which is safe, anti allergic and prevents infection. Appealing designs, lovely patterns combined with vibrant colors and a plethora of shapes and sizes make our line of loose body jewelry items the most desired. We offer special piercing deals, wholesale body jewelry for sale to fascinate you.

Wholesale Discounts on Bulk Orders at Piercebody.com

Piercebody is one of the most favored and reliable destination for buying body piercing jewelry. In a highly competitive jewelry marketplace, we stand out with our high benchmarks for purity and authenticity. At Piercebody.com, we specialize in body jewelry, available in a ready-to-ship format, for the retail and wholesale channel. Expect seasonal, festive, and end-of-season sales at our online platform. This is the ideal, progressive collection for impulsive shoppers. The purchases are spontaneous but the quality is not compromised in any way. Our wholesale buyers often order in huge volumes. We consider ourselves to be market leaders in high quality products at really competitive wholesale prices. Our wholesale body piercing jewelry has the widest online range of Cone Lip Jewelry, UV Laser Logo Balls and Stunning Gold Plated Nail Studs made from the finest anti-allergic materials.        

  1. Nail Jewelry to make your nails look royal: We have added handmade nail jewelry items to our jewelry collection. This is among our highest quality product range. Easy to apply on natural and artificial nails, this is easy fashionable jewelry at its best. Explore a variety of gold plated nail studs for gel nail/acrylic nail/false nail art. Our nail set is available at a minimum order of 50 items.   
  2. Lip Jewelry to speak your style: With our lip jewelry, we ensure you stand out. We have a number of piercing options for you to choose from. Our extensive lip jewelry collection includes the funky UV multi-layered and UV monochrome laser balls.   

What makes us the best in bulk and wholesale jewelry?

  1. At Piecebody.com, we pride ourselves on fast delivery time. We aim to dispatch goods on the same day if ordered within reasonable time and when the payments are confirmed.
  2. All our jewelry products carry trusted certifications from recognized authorities assuring you of purity and safety of use.
  3. We understand your piercing jewelry requirements. We craft the best in body jewelry products, using inspirations from around the world, working meticulously with specialist craftsmen to create exclusive designs.  
  4. We offer the finest quality products at the lowest prices. Ours is the ultimate body jewelry store for silver jewelry, gold body jewelry, 316l stainless steel jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry and titanium. 
  5. We also offer loose items including UV Balls, UV Cones, Crystal and Acrylics at market-best wholesale prices.  

With our efficient in-house design team that pays great attention to designing, each of our products is a synonym of perfection. With progressive modernization, we are fusing classical designs with contemporary technology. This is helping us make our inventory more attractive, with more discounts throughout the year and the promise of always-ready inventory for bulk purchases.

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