Circular Barbells

Our collection of circular barbells is second to none. Circular barbells are most common and popular type of body jewelry. We have circular barbells of finest quality and make with trendy designs of myriad shapes and sizes. Ball, spike and conical ending circular barbells are available with us at unmatched prices! Visit us and get special piercing deals, circular barbells and body jewelry for sale.

Circular Barbells: Fashion Jewelry that will Always Trend!

Circular Barbell is among our bestsellers, aggressively progressing as the preferred choice for folks who like that elusive edge, an unconventional sense of fashion. We are specialists in the niche of body piercing jewelry. Our creative team consists of piercing lifestyle trendsetters. This is why our line of Circular Barbells is very different from the usual propositions in the market today.

We do Circular Barbells very differently!

Don't expect the type of predictable inventory found at other body piercing websites. There is a certain boutique-like approach to our listing of Circular Barbells. These are exclusive designs. Once listed on the webstore, able to generate sale and create a recall value, these exceptional Circular Barbells are channeled towards our factory for ensuring bigger volumes can be churned out. Piercebody is the only brand in this segment with such level of production scalability. Almost the entire inventory can be ordered for wholesale or in bulk with industry-best pricing. The direct-to-buyer approach means serious savings and we share this leverage with customers like you by lowering the sticker price. This mutually beneficial relationship means that the consumer and the provider get more satisfaction.

This is where all Circular Barbell piercing designs converge!

The other aspect of our scalable ability is the designs you will find in the Circular Barbells niche. You will find Circular Barbells that are meant for hardcore piercing artists. These are folks who religiously follow body piercings as a spiritual and expressive medium. Our collection of Circular Barbells is both contemporary and casual apart from being creatively outlandish. Expect some mainstream designs too and the use of bold colors. Some more exclusive benefits include barbells in exclusive colors and materials that are safe for lifetime wear. Recent additions in this segment like Curved Barbell with UV balls, UV acrylic cones, UV mix colro cones, UV horseshoe body rings and Bio Flex barbells with cones and spikes are now creating some serious traction from direct buyers and resellers from across the world.

Making the Selection Easier for You

You can wear our unique circular barbells in more than one way—from ear and nose piercings to nipple and piercings and beyond. Our barbell styles make for the most vibrant pieces you can add to your collection of edgy, transformational fashion jewelry. From simple to shocking, from subtle to attention-grabbing, if there is a Circular Barbell design out there, you will find it here!

Why choose for body piercing and designer jewelry? is a leading online body piercing jewelry destination that offers fine jewelry with exotic and trending designs at market-best rates. We wish to revolutionize the jewelry lifestyle niche. This is why you find artistically and culturally inspired designs in our collection.

  1. Expect only High-grade Quality: We have a team of trustworthy and efficient craftsmen that strive hard to make every piece with precision. Our procurement process has an organic aura where we follow ethical, business practices. Networking with leading jewelry material suppliers over a decade has helped us cultivate a conflict-free production platform.
  2. Efficient and Consumer-friendly Service: We tend to exceed the shopper’s expectations. Expect a delightful online shopping experience with quick shipping and easy return policy. Our dedicated customer service team is always active to solve all your queries and help you find the perfect piece of jewelry.    

We systematically track current jewelry trends and consumer feedback to curate our list of Circular Barbells and other designer piercing options. Using a versatile business model, we deliver a vast range of body piercing jewelery at highly discounted prices, also available for wholesale and bulk orders.

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