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Nipple piercings are interesting and fun body accessories for both men and women. They add a touch of wicked to your personality and are offered in many forms like rings, barbells, circular barbells, etc.

Going beyond the Sensuality of Nipple Piercings

Are Nipple Piercings sensual? Are they often adopted as a means to redefine love-making? Yes. However, we are taking a new route to Nipple Piercings, beyond its sensuality factor. Yes, this is perhaps the most talked about, somewhat erotic type of body piercings. We realize that this is the most captivating form of body art jewelry preferred by both men and women with a slight bias among women. Nipple Piercings also seem the most hurtful, invasive type of body piercings. However, this is not the case. When conducted by professionals, Nipple Piercings can be at par with other body piercings in terms of the amount of discomfort they cause initially.  We are trying to do something special here, position Nipple Piercings as a fashion statement, something that should not be concealed or looked at with a skewed, erogenous perspective only.

Nipple Piercing at Piercebody is safe!

Nipple sensitivity can be a challenge for some folks. However, the initial issues give way to a piercing that is valued for its exclusivity and somewhat controversial appeal. Please understand that apart from reasons like overtly sensitive nipples, previously conducted piercings in proximity and the experience of the piercing artist, there is one aspect that defines the ease of Nipple Piercings—the type of piercing material use. We, at, offer the most exhaustive range of Nipple Piercings with sterile products that hurt less, make aftercare easier and can be worn for a very long period. All of this without compromising on quality or bloating the price!

Piercebody is Creating Standards for Nipple Piercings

The metal of choice for Nipple Piercings is an important decision because it can have negative reactions with the skin. Piercebody Nipple Piercings are made from the most sterile, surgical-level steel and silver. For first-time piercers, we recommend steel and silver bead rings that allow extra space for air and accommodate for any swelling. Others can choose from CBRs according to their taste from our collection of designer body piercings.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the thoughts of pain when contemplating Nipple Piercings—there is nothing so extreme about it!

Why is Piercebody unique in entire Jewelry Industry? makes it convenient to buy fashion jewelry and piercing jewelry with its unique ecosystem that includes in-house creative team, designers, procurement specialists, warehousing experts, and shipping networking. Our Web Division has ensured you get the best in online shopping experience when searching for piercing jewelry. We are also active at the community level, investing in environmentally-friendly practices only. Here, all items are systematically tested for superior quality. Carrying only trusted certifications from recognized institutions with global acknowledgment, we assure you 100% quality-verified products that are ready to be shipped to a global address.

Our creative team has a penchant for creating exceptional body piercing designs, unafraid to push the limits. Our vast range of Nipple Piercings is the result of this approach. Unlike standard Nipple Piercings that come in limited shapes, themes and often lack color, we deliver the biggest, most creative assortment of Nipple Piercings available at the best online prices… 

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Nipple Piercing Guide

Nipple piercing jewelry consists of an enormous number of nipple jewelry in a wide kind of patterns. Ranging from nipple shields to grasp nipple jewelry, bent barbells to captive earrings. Seamless jewelry to immediately barbells, phase earrings to pinchers, round barbells to nipple piercing retainers, and greater.

Lots of nipple piercing jewelry to choose from. You can practice a touch approach to the madness that is the gigantic nipple ring series. While selecting new nipple piercing jewelry, there are a few belongings you should keep in thoughts. Fabric, size, threading, and fashion.  2


Materials of Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Nipple rings are crafted from is critically crucial when you have any metallic allergic reactions or widespread pores and skin sensitivities. The metal the majority is possible to react to is nickel, which fortuitously is an almost non-existent aspect in the earrings metal options. even so, to be secure, your pinnacle material picks should be surgical stainless-steel, titanium, niobium, PTFE, and gold if you have any worries about the cloth of your nipple earrings tense your pores and skin or inflicting an outright allergic reaction.


PTFE directly Barbells Make amazing nipple piercing jewelry for human beings with touchy pores and skin or metal hypersensitive reactions. PTFE, which is likewise referred to as BioFlex or BioPlast, is a versatile, extraordinarily soft fabric it's completely hypoallergenic. You are incredibly limited to the fashion of nipple earrings you choose in case you opt for this fabric, though.


Straight barbells are without a doubt the only PTFE nipple ring option. They are available in a few fun colorations and designs. Eventhough, just like the cool blue glitter ball-top PTFE instantly barbell shown to the right.


  Titanium captive bead rings are your next option because it's the absolute maximum inert metallic.


Surgical steel nipple piercing is a near 2d, and there consists of tons of fantastic nipple piercing jewelry made from both materials, as you'll see in the Nipple rings section. Right here are just three of the various designs you'll find there if you opt for titanium, surgical stainless steel, niobium, or gold earrings.


External Vs Internal Nipple Piercing Jewelry

What is meant by threading and for what reason it depend on? In case you go together with a choice of a captive bead ring jewelry, a continuing ring, a phase ring, or a pincher, threading is non-trouble. But for things like direct barbells, circular barbells, and bent barbells, threading is an aspect. Threading is the region in which a ball or different decorative end screws onto a body jewelry shaft. Outside threading isn't ideal for nipple piercings because the swirl of steel threading that the balls screw onto is on the cease of the


shaft with a purpose to skip via your tender fistulas whilst you insert your earrings. The threading can scrape the sensitive tissue inside, which can be potent uncomfortable, to say the least. If you scrape yourself badly sufficient, you may need to ramp up your piercing aftercare regime again to loosen up the infection.


If you make a decision to get an unethical barbell, immediately barbell or different jewelry with threading, it is plenty higher to choose jewelry that has inner threading, like the bent barbells proven to the left. Internal threads are bored into the jewelry shafts, leaving the tough swirl of external threading


on the balls or different ends that screw into the internally-threaded shafts. Meaning you has fantastically smooth shafts to insert into your nipple piercings. As soon as a barbell's in, you screw on a ball with a touch threaded post connected to it, and the threading by no means touches your touchy nipples.


The importance of Jewelry Size:

  • Choosing suitable size of jewelry at beginning

When you first get pierced, your jewelry must be the extra length to account for swelling. If your immediately or bent barbell nipple piercing jewelry are not lengthy sufficient and your nipples swell, it could purpose the balls to press into your pores and skin or even get sucked into the fistulas-- terrible situations. Why? Due to the fact, the prolonged strain on that delicate, recuperation tissue should reason it to die--a procedure called necrosis. As the useless pores and skin rots, your piercings--which are open wounds--may be incredibly susceptible to bacterial infection. The pores and skin around your piercings might also get streaky purple, too, and you could even run a fever.


Captive bead rings are desirable, too, inside the sense that they won't position undue strain on your recuperation fistulas even in case your nipples swell. But, rings can place greater downward pressure on your recuperation fistulas, doubtlessly delaying the healing method and making your sure-to-be-tender


nipples sorer. Internally-threaded titanium or surgical metallic bent barbells or instantly barbells. It can be just a little longer than your nipples are ideal starter nipple piercing jewelry. You want the barbells to be long sufficient to house swelling however now not so long that they capture in your clothes and get tugged in an uncomfortable manner often.


  • Deciding on the excellent sized jewelry

Now, what about the size after your nipple piercings are completely healed? The size of nipple piercing jewelry you pick depends on the big element on the dimensions of your nipples. If you're sporting directly barbells, you need jewelry that is long. Enough that the balls don't press on both facets of your nipples to keep away from necrosis. You do not want them to be so long


that they're continuously catching on garments and stuff, though. If you're sporting captive bead earrings, keep the diameter affordable. Straight barbell nipple piercing jewelry isn't always for either manner or displaying through your apparel except you want it to.

Nipple piercing is considered as one ofnipple- piercing the most exciting and a body method of body piercing. If you're looking for the perfect body jewelry for your nipples, you're at the right place. offers the widest variety of nipple rings on our website.


Different Types of Nipple Piercing Ring

This set of Aqua Jeweled Nipple Rounder Ring is made from the surgical steel. It is also tested to be completely safe on the skin. This also adorns with blue stones at its side. This is to add beauty to nipple ring. The gauge size of gauge nipple rings is 14G and it measures 11mm to 5mm.  

How Does Nipple Piercing Increases Your Physical Attributes

Always go out of your way in order to stand out! Even if you’re wearing a fake nipple piercing, you surely have a great way of doing that. A captive bead ring or an ordinary nipple barbell certainly looks well in you. When it inserts to the piercing area at the base of your nipple, it always look good. The spectacular rounder fashioned out of surgical steel in order to avoid skin problems will also be able to hold your gaze once you glance at the array of stunning nipple piercing jewelry from While you are welcome to get the plain rounder diamond nipple rings that has brightly coloured gems stud, opting for an unusual and funky shape like a snake will be titillating too.

silver nipple piercing ring

Have fun by flaunting funky nipple piercing jewelry this time. It does not matter whether you are male or female, the excitement remains the same. Look at the extravaganza of nipple rings brought to you courtesy by

Check out the captive bead rings, nipple rounders, barbells, fancy bars and shields and make the most of your nipple piercing. Go for looks by choosing the gem stone that happens to be your favorite. Both the sterling silver nipple rings as well as the surgical steel nipple jewelry deems to be 100% safe and keep you free from skin irritations and infections.