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It takes courage to carry a labret. And if you are courageous enough, then Piercebody offers you a wide array attractive and trendy lip labrets piercings that made from body-safe materials.

Labrets Piercings Elevate your Style Quotient

Labret Piercing is counted among the most preferred form of facial piercings. Labrets are a fusion of colored patterns and beautiful forms that render a sense of individuality to your persona. In the highly fragmented marketplace of body piercings, Piercebody brings order to the chaos. Our range of Labret Piercing is the perfect example of this approach. A fusion of classical and contemporary influences, this collection has been grabbing attention since the day we made it online, open for retail. This is not just about selling Labret Piercings. We are also very aggressive about ensuring our buyers realize what they are buying. We empower our buyers with product-related and subject-based information. From detailed product descriptions to category text that explains every aspect of a body piercing to our customer care team that answers every single query, we ensure that you get the best in online shopping experience and product knowledge.

We offer Safe-to-Wear Labrets

Our designs vary from simple to exotic—wrapped gracefully with the promise of durability. From glittery designs to more sober tastes, we cater to every fashion jewelry demand. Our range of labret piercings is not restrictive. This includes a large selection of bold anodized steel piercing, titanium, gold-plated and UV piercings. Many folks suffer from lip sensitivity. However, there is a fine line of difference between a poorly executed lip piercing and a carefully completed labret piercing that uses sterile, premium materials. Labret piercing is a form of body piercing located directly under the bottom lip and just above the chin. This type of piercing is valued for its unique location and the manner in which it transforms the entire personality of a person. This is why we choose to label Labret Piercing as lifestyle jewelry rather than just being body jewelry. Use of sterile, skin-compatible constructional materials means a highly compressed healing period. We are piercing fanatics and understand the intricacies of a piercing. Our range of Labret Piercing has been optimized with the attributes associated with a high-profile piercing. We deliver the same at the best online prices for fashion and body jewelry.

Piercebody—the Unspoken King of Labret Piercings

Some folks associate Labret Piercings with permanent damage to the skin and surrounding tissues. There is only reason for this—they have not shopped at Piercebody, the single, most quality-obsessed retailer and wholesaler in this segment. Our Labret Piercings are made from 100% sterile metals and alloys such as high-grade titanium, gold, 316L surgical steel and 925 sterling silver. Don’t get overwhelmed by the thoughts of pain when contemplating labret piercings. We understand your apprehensions and are dedicated to providing safe body piercing experiences. Your interaction with our customer care team will provide more clarity that there is nothing to fear about Labret Piercings and you get the leverage of genuine merchandise at unrivalled prices.

Why is Piercebody considered an exceptional piercing jewelry shopping destination? makes it convenient to buy body piercing jewelry without compromising on the quality. The secret ingredient at work here is the team at work. Our team consists of skillful in-house designers, procurement specialists and shipping & logistics experts. We aim to deliver you the best online shopping experience when you search for the latest in piercing jewelry. We are aware about our community-level responsibility. This is why we have been investing in environment-friendly practices to ensure that from raw material procurement to packaging and shipping, the entire product lifecycle has the most minimal carbon footprints. Here, all items are systematically tested for superior quality. The entire inventory comes with globally trusted certifications from recognized institutions. You get 100% quality-verified body piercing supplies and accessories at highly discounted prices.

Our creative team has a penchant for creating extraordinary piercing designs, undaunted by the risk of being labeled as irrational. We are not afraid to push the limits of creativity. Our commitment to quality stands unrivaled while our unique manufacturing and supply network helps us to keep the prices modest, the products glamorous and the designs one-of-a-kind, exclusive options…

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Get that rock star look and have all attention focused on you! With labret piercing, you can do it. Over the past decade, lip art has become an immensely popular symbol for men and women. Although labret piercing has been around for centuries but it only became popular in our culture in recent times. A labret piercing is an innovative and daring way to change your look. Since this type of piercing is done on your face, it is so visible; thus you will want to know everything about it and what you are getting yourself into?

What labret piercing is?

A labret is piercing of the lip (labrium) to attach adornment. Usually, the perforation is done just under the bottom lip and just above the chin.

It is that incision of the central point just beneath the lower lip although it is a common belief that a labret piercing is done on the external lip itself, the slit isn’t physically attached to the lip at all for it goes into your bottom lip. While some call this practice as lip piercing or an even oral piercing, it is described technically as facial piercing.

This type of piercing was also very popular around the time of the pre-Columbia era and perforation was located in the middle above the chin and below the lip. All types of precious metals as gold, silver, and jewels would be inserted in these piercings making the person wearing them become popular and at the same time increase their stature almost as if they were royalty.

Depending on the individual, these piercings can be located in various areas of the lower lip. Basic lip rings are located to the left or right of the mouth whereas labrets are normally located below the center of the lower lip and above the chin.

Looking back at the History

Labret’s history is unknown as to the specific point in time when the first sightings of this piercing appeared; however, as far back as 3,000 years ago, people living along the north-west coast of America had a labret piercing to visually display aspects of their tribal lives to determine their rank, social status and wealth.

As body modification, lip piercing was not used for aesthetic purpose but as a status symbol. About 4000 years ago, sculptures and statues have been found with labrets or lower lip piercing. Throughout the world, lip piercing for objects to be inserted has been widely practiced. In fashion, changes in specific piercings continue as they become more or less popular through time. New developments and interesting unusual styles are pursued by piercing experts to create fascinating innovative piercing adornments.

Labret and you

Regarded as a new trend, wearing labret signifies that you are rebellious, you want independence, and very good in expressing yourself. Many people nowadays are opting to get the body to pierce for many good reasons. Some individuals look at lip piercing as an extraordinary way of self-expression whether it may be for artistic or sexual reasons.

It is a very new adjunct to fashion is almost equivalent to a clothes’ trend and it means that more people want to join the fad. It would be amazing if you become the pioneer of labret piercing in your circle.

Labret looks awesome on some people for this kind of jewelry enhances the look of the wearer. Shopping for the jewelry and choosing jewelry type to provide adventure and great fun. Once you wear a labret, you stand out in the crowd and this is a good option to raise your self-esteem. You will be admired with your new look and for having unique adornment to your lips aside from lipstick.

How to find a Piercer

To find a piercer in your area, you can look online. If you have friends or family members with piercings, ask them to recommend a good one.

Scan online reviews before settling on a piercer of your choice. If it's overall rating in some site as Yelp is low, it may be a bad sign so search for another.

Once you located a piecer studio, ask about their sterilization practices, then make more inquiries before committing to getting your piercing done with them.

Be sure they use an autoclave as this device is reliable in sterilizing jewelry, tools, and equipment.

Visit the studio to check out the facilities for your piercing must take place in a clean, hygienic and safe location.

A studio is sanitary if it has five areas that are kept strictly separated: the reception room, the counter, the waiting room, the piercing room, and a sterilization room.

Be sure that the studio’s operation is legal for any kind of shady practices is against the law.

APP or Association of Professional Piercers accepts only members that are properly licensed and of high quality. Your chosen piercing studio must be an APP member proven by a certification hanging somewhere on its walls.

Find a studio that helps with both the piercing and its care afterward as a reliable one will offer aftercare aside from giving you the best possible experience with your piercing.

Some piercing studios may even provide free follow- up appointments after the piercing to make sure you have proper caring.

Preparation before getting Labret Piercing

There are lots of special things you have to do to prepare for your piercing and that is your state of sound health and well-being before getting the piercing. Your body must be strong and ready so reschedule it if you come down with a cold or flu. Since the mouth harbors billions of bacteria, some of which can become harmful, you should give more attention on maintaining extensive oral hygiene regime in the week prior to your appointments like more brushing, flossing, and frequent washing of your mouth.

The Procedure

1. For the initial step: the piercer cleans and disinfects the lower lip area before he gives you an antibacterial mouthwash for killing any germs found behind the pierced area.

2. He will mark the place of entry and exit points of the internal and external part of the mouth to guarantee that the needle goes to the point where it’s intended to go.

3 The piercer will clamp your lower lip to pass quickly and carefully a hollow needle through the skin to achieve better steadiness and visibility

4. Finally, after the removal of the needle, the jewelry/stud is inserted and screwed in place on the bead section - and pronto, you are done!

Since a piercing experience can be a little stressful, you invite a friend or family member to accompany you to the piercing studio for support.

Parts of Labret Piercings

You use labret studs that are the most popular type of piercing and they are easy to use. They are comfortable, easy to change and can be customized using any threaded accessory.

In terms of common piercing setup, your labret stud is usually made up of three main parts. These include:

The Disk, located at the back of the piercing but within the area of the mouth, is used to secure the rest of the stud from the inside and to prevent it from slipping out of the lip.

The Bead is the visual part of the stud that appears on the outside of the mouth that come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors to perfectly suit your style.

The Barbell is the short rod-like middle section that passes through the hole in the lip and connects the disk to the bead.

Variations of Labret Piercing

The single central perforation beneath the lower lip is considered as the most common type of labret piercing but there are many other popular variations like:

1. Vertical Labret Piercing enters the lip or the barbell and allows the piercing to sit better with the natural contours of the lip for its curved shape. One advantage of this type of piercing is the barbell and bead positions will prevent any contact with the stud since the teeth/gums are low.

2. Horizontal Labret Piercing attached two beads to a single curved barbell, but the innovation or main difference is that the piercing goes directly straight through that thickest part of the horizontal central-lower lip so that the beads are placed next to each other between a normal distance of 1-2 cms. apart. During the procedure, this piercing can be slightly more painful.

3. Side Labret Piercing presents one positioned bead underneath the lower lip similar to standard labret but its position is not in the center but either on the far right or far left of the mouth.

4. Dolphin Bite/Double Labret Piercing places double standard labrets under the lower lip staying side-by-side very closely to each other. The vertical and double position labrets can even sit on top of each other.

5. In the same way, double vertical labrets can also be placed so that two beads are visible underneath the lower lip, side-by-side and out of the lower lip, itself are two protruding beads.

6. Snake Bites piercings are a pair of side labret piercings presently placed under each side of the lower lip that totals the presence of 4 beads with 2 on each side.

7. Viper Bite & Spider Piercings are the names given to a pair of labret piercings found on just a single side of the mouth so basically it is only half of a snake bite piercing as mentioned.

There are endless variations for your lip piercing but the most common are labret piercings passing horizontally passing the skin immediately over the upper lip or under the lower lip so the lips itself is not actually pierced.

Piercing aftercare

For the first few hours after getting the piercing,  avoid activities that irritate the piercing like not eating and drinking. You need a couple of weeks before piercings can heal completely so in the interim, avoid activities that could irritate or even infect the piercing.

Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol until the piercing has healed. Clean the piercing area regularly using soap and tepid water and wipe any debris around the piercing with a cotton ball.

Always wash your hands before cleaning your piercing. Continue to practice strict oral hygiene by regular teeth brushing and using mouthwash while waiting for your piercing to heal. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day and then rinse out your mouth with mouthwash to keep your piercing clean.

If your piercing is painful or swelling, eat cold things like small pieces of ice, cold smoothies, frozen yogurt, and other cold foods. This is the best option to minimize both pains and swelling in the pierced area

Avoid applying creams, balms and washing your piercing with soaps as it will do more harm than good. Follow basic aftercare options by using mouthwashes and saline-based solutions.

Avoid taking prescription drugs like aspirin as they contain blood thinners that are known to extend the time for piercing to heal.

Labret Piercing Pain

The pain during the piercing process is not as bad when compared to another mouth/oral piercings, although you are likely to feel more pain with a horizontal/vertical labret than a standard labret because your lip tissues are nore sensitive than that of your skin.

Initial pain usually starts as a throbbing pain for the first day or so, followed by sensitivity when the area is touched for the following few days. Slight bleeding of the area after the procedure is relatively common, so no need to panic

Finally, remember that pain is relative and different for everyone. What hurts a lot for someone may not hurt you at all.

Common questions asked about a labret

.If your lip piercing is performed correctly and properly, healing will not be a problem. Wear starter jewelry of either a fishtail labret, a labret stud or a ring having a measurement from12-16 gauge.

1. How long is the healing period of a labret piercing?

 Labret piercing will heal after a minimum period of six to eight weeks without complications if is performed correctly with proper aftercare and no infection or other hindrance in the healing process.

2. How about kissing?

Wait for the piercing to heal before kissing. If you kiss someone with a fresh piercing, you are introducing foreign bacteria into their body that could result in an

Kissing is a no-no during the healing procedure, take your time and it is best to have the piercing to heal before PDA. When you are fresh from piercing and you kiss someone, there is a great risk for infection due to the introduction of a foreign bacteria into the other person’s body.

3. Can I bathe and go swimming in community pools when my piercing is on the process of healing?.

You can take a shower but avoid exposing labret piercing too much in water, You should not swim for at least a whole day after having a piercing, and it is the best decision to wait until piercing has healed properly. While in the process of healing, always keep the piercing dry as there's a risk of infection.

4. How do you recognize infection in your labret?

The following are symptoms of a piercing infection: red, swollen skin around the piercing; pain or tenderness; yellow or green discharge and fever.

5. What about washing my face or any water application after the procedure?

Be careful when you wash your face by keeping the soap away from your pierced lip to avoid drying it out. So postpone you meditation inside the bathtub.

6. How much is the cost of a Labret Piercing?

The cost of a labret piercing is greatly determined by many factors such as the demand, experience, and popularity of the piercer; the experience of the piercer, the location (country/city) of the shop and the jewelry type of chosen for the piercing. In general, the price will usually end up being between $40-$65.

Kind of Jewelry

One of the important accessories for the lip piercing is the lip jewelry for it is the basis of your option for different types of lip piercing. A good start is to wear a fishtail labret or a ring labret stud in a gauge of 12-16 for your new piercing. The new piercing will likely swell, be sure your ring jewelry should be larger, at least one whole diameter more than the size after healing to give extra space for swelling and avoid infection.

The best types of lip jewelry are:

Labret studs are considered the most popular type of stud for they are easy to use & change, comfortable and can be customized using any threaded accessory. Labret stud has a flat back plate on one end with a threaded accessory such as a ball on the other end.

Captive bead rings are versatile but simple body jewelry pieces such as a single beaded hoop ring with a threaded closure. Because the bead keeps the ring closed, the ring is easily removed and reinserted.

Circular Barbells have curved bars that will fit almost any piercing as long as it is your size. Every circular barbell has two accessories or removable balls that you can collect or exchange for other threaded accessories of your choice. Get them for the fantastic pieces of body jewelry!.


Earlier people did not practice these labret piercings just to show off their social status rather every kind of body piercing was done with the specific intention and to reap certain health benefits. But one of the most important things is that you should get the job done only from recognized and experienced piercer. This article will get you to learn more about it. Without enough knowledge about labret piercing is a sure way of putting yourself at risk. 

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The entire costume of a female is probably incomplete without a perfect piece of accessory, so you can buy the best Gold Labret rings to get a complete look. There are different types of jewelry items that will truly go nicely with all types of outfit. The best online website brings you top ten gold labret rings and also other types of jewelry which are perfect for both men and women.

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Want to uniquely flaunt your appearance? Looking forward to developing into a leader with the new types of piercing jewelry or accessories? Get that elegant look with a perfect labret ring that will really add to the beauty more.  The online website is the right choice for your individual requirements. It is one of the specialized media which comes

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  1. 9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Round Jeweled Top

There are different types of labret piercing accessories available, but this 9K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Round Jeweled Top brings your entire lips an excellent and outstanding look. This specially designed gold labret comes with a nice round top which is available in a comfortable size. The stone size can be 3mm or 2 mm. It is composed of quality 9K solid yellow gold metal. This wonderful lip piercing jewelry is safe and easy to carry.

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  1. 14K Gold Internal Labret with 2mm Stone

If you want to bring the luscious and wonderful look to your lips, you can prefer this 14K Gold Internal Labret jewelry with a 2mm Stone.  This most attractive and specialized labret jewelry composed of 14K hollow yellow gold.

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  1. Bio-Plast Lip Labret with 14K Gold Flower Head

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  1. Bio-Plast Lip Labret with 14K Gold Star Head

This is excellent labret jewelry which is made from quality and durable gold materials, so it will last for long years. Along with this, it also brings you skin-friendliness and some other conveniences.

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This 14KGold Internal Lip Labret with Square Jeweled Top is an excellent and most outstanding lip piercing jewelry which brings your lips more attractive and striking appearance. The price of this labret jewelry is affordable.

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  1. 14K Gold Internal Lip Labret with Heart Jeweled Top

You can slip on this 14K Gold Internal Lip Labret along with Heart Jewelled Top in order to easily complement your outfit as well as facial contours. The most attractive and specialized labret composed of quality 14K hollow yellow gold.

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