If you are a store owner experiencing a drop in your sales of piercings and rings then chances are that your customer base has grown accustomed to your reduced catalogue of jewels. Luckily for you, in Piercebody we have a large variety of designs from which to choose from. We offer the cutest silicone belly button rings for competitive wholesale prices that you won't find in other places. Our designs are a favorite among young women and a great investment thanks to their low prices.

Colorful silicone belly rings

We offer a wide variety of designs of stylish yet simple silicone belly rings with lively colors to match with clothes or other accessories. Our silicone belly rings are a favorite amongst young women thanks to their attractive colors that look great when matched with colorful:

  • shoes;
  • bracelets;
  • or clothing.

Nothing makes a woman stand out as much in a party than a cute outfit adorned with one of our matching silicone belly rings.

Renowned wholesale vendors of rings

We are a company with years of experience manufacturing and selling rings of all types to embellish the figure of the modern woman. Our reputation precedes us as one of the best choices available for buying rings at wholesale prices. We offer the highest return for your investment. For only a couple of hundred dollars of our merchandise you can do thousands. Are you tired of always selling the same product? Women have a fifth sense when it comes to the seasonality of fashion, and in Piercebody we offer the trendiest designs so that you stay ahead of your clients' wishes.

Why keep selling the same old boring designs when you can buy the hippest belly rings in the market? We offer the highest-quality designs in large quantities for the lowest wholesale prices. Make your order now and see for yourself how high your profit margin can be with out silicone belly button rings.

A great alternative to steel and titanium belly piercing jewelries and with vibrant playful colors is nothing but our silicone belly piercing ring collection. These are amazing for a funky look and have a variety of designs to wow you. Have a look at our new arrivals at really low prices in market.

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