Most Stunning Lip Jewelry Type that Suits Your Personality

In recent times, lip jewelry has emerged as the renowned trend. It does not just represent fashion statement but is a creative way to express your unique personality. Amazingly, the trend of wearing this lip jewelry type is actually taking on storms. Wearing lip rings complements well with fashion, pleasure, and lust together.

There is numerous designs, styles, and type of lip rings available to gratify the desires of everyone. Lip jewelry is the exquisite jewelry to adorn your lips and enhance its beauty.  You can choose from either colorful Labrets to other different lip jewelry type which is made from various top quality materials that are skin friendly as well.

surgical steel lip piercing

Lip Jewelry Type for Different Personalities


Surgical Steel Lip Jewelry

Surgical steel 316L is the metal used to make them shining and strong. It also has the shape of straight barbells with a flat back at one end and a UV cone at the other end. It uses as the perforation in front of the ear canal and hence tragus piercing.

Surgical steel lip jewelry has a rising demand in present times. Most people choose the lip jewelry made from this material, as it is one among the safest material in making jewelry. This is highly suitable for those who have allergies with other metals like silver, gold, or titanium and more. It considers being the safest alternative to use when it comes especially to lip jewelry. If you desire to have something very simple yet graceful then this is the best option to consider. You can find a wide assortment of designs of lip jewelry and also those which are beautifully decorated with fancy colorful stones.


gold lip piercing


Gold Lip Piercing Jewelry

These particular models can be used for almost any form of piercing and they are affordable. This makes it a grand body jewel for grand occasions like festivals, clubs, and parties where it draws the crowd by its visual attraction.



Titanium Lip Jewelry

Titanium lip jewelry has gained high popularity in recent times. It is an amazing and versatile element that has a variety of diverse uses. Lip jewelry made from Titanium is sturdy and durable. Investing in titanium lip jewelry type is actually beneficial. You can add a stunning look to your lips by wearing a piece of jewelry made from titanium. You can pick from the lots of fascinating varieties of titanium lip jewelry such as those with ball ends or cone ends. These are skin friendly and budget friendly as well. The trendy and dashing designs of these lip jewelry are sure to make you look good.


circular barbells

Anodized Lip Piercings

Anodized lip jewelry is specially designed and well-polished product that is sure to last for longer period. The labret is the great lip jewelry type for piercing. This kind of piercing is usually below the lower lip. You can find these lips piercing jewelry made of pure metals such as gold, or silver. In addition, they are anodized to offer long lasting effect.

Get these eye-catching and bright colored anodized lip piercing jewelries to decorate your lips and add a charm to it. You can choose to buy from different colors lips piercing with a bright sheen such as pretty pink, gold plated blue and even those with jeweled tops.



UV Labret

Lip piercing has more designs and models to choose from this new line-up of UV Labrets with fancy UV balls.


gold circular barbell

Lip Jewelry Designs and Styles

Surgical Steel Curved Barbells

Stainless steel curved barbells are small, unique body jewelry which is very attractive and small in size. They use for piercing the lips and eyebrows which make it more appealing and eye-catching. Curved barbells surgical steel are for men and women. Women mostly use these as they love accessorizing themselves. They are small, ranging from the length of 8mm to 12mm and breadth of 1.2mm give or take. Since they are made of surgical steel they are hygienic and safe, and when worn by women, it just oozes out their style and glamor and makes them stand apart from the crowd.

Madonna Labret

This is a lip jewelry type that made up of UV materials and has the shape of a straight bar with the flat back end and a UV ball at the other end. It makes a detachable and is available with a variety of wild color combinations. They are measured in size from 6mm, 8mm and 10 mm with ball size of 3mm. They are compact and easy to use. The younger generation who are into the rock and pop culture will love to flaunt this glowing jewelry because of the economical prices and high durability of Madonna labrets.

uv labrets

Circular Barbells

This is a unique lip jewelry type which has beautiful style and design. It has high-quality 14k gold. They are very simple to use and they can be worn for all body piercings. They are made of gold with zero percentage of nickel and have golden balls at both ends for support and they can easily be removed and attached back to them. Circular barbells are very common among woman, but they are also used by men.

Monroe Lip Bar

These Labrets are anodized and hence rust and corrosion free and glow in the dark which makes them visually attractive and a definite crowd puller when worn to any event. Men and women love these Tragus Labret Monroe Lip Bar Cones which are available in different colors and various sizes.

Lip piercing is a very sensitive jewelry. It also comes from flat back 14g Labrets and 16g. It also has surgical steel 316L which gives the product a glowing shine. The surface also has a lasting product life and they use for all time wear with no side effects on the skin. Women love to flaunt their sexy pouts with these Monroe lip bar and they are jeweled with stones at the visible end and a flat back. Women use these attractive body jewels to make their presence known in clubs, discotheques and other occasions and these are in constant demand with huge discounts.



Important Facts before Getting a Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is a sensitive process. It also needs to take care but with this new range of artistic internally threaded Labrets body piercing jewels it has become simple and women love these to flaunt their pouty lips and portray their wildness in parties, discotheques, and family events.

Where to Find an Affordable yet Reliable Jewelry Store?

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