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Lip Rings

Lip Rings

Piercing of lips is elegant and sexy, and suits equally well the girls and guys regardless of age. But when low-quality accessories are used, they look too cheap and tasteless. One should use high-quality stylish jewelry to feel confident and pretty. What we offer is modern accessories that are produced according to all standards and demands.

Make people read your lips

Such kind of piercing is perfect to express one's individuality. We provide different kinds of labrets and rings that will say about you a lot. Our exclusive design solutions vary from glamorous to rock styles, from purely feminine to really brutal ones. We manufacture jewelry from different materials:

  • anodized labrets of different colors are made of titanium;
  • UV steel accessories are the strongest and long-serving ones;
  • labrets from UV plastic prevent overstretching of skin and are not felt by those who wear them;
  • titanium and steel labrets are classic what makes them look very elegant;
  • bio flex is the new material that combines safety, light weight and ability to select different colors.
  • Our specialists put stones in manually and constantly check production quality.

Be original

The designs of lips piercing accessories we make grab attention and highlight your personality. All shoppers can find interesting variants of labrets: with gemstones, different symbols, words and even small images. Collection is always renewed and widened.

Exclusive merits

The conditions we offer allow making excellent orders:

  1. Convenient site with useful search by various categories (material, body part, etc.) is created to ease your shopping.
  2. Wholesale and retail purchasers may get free delivery in case they buy products for minimum required sum of payment ($500 and $25 respectively).
  3. We constantly renew our catalogue adding fashionable accessories, exclusive orders, sales and limited editions.
  4. The materials for production are certified, we guarantee their safety and high quality.
  5. We provide not only jewelry, but devices for piercing (for instance, expanders).
  6. You select payment method and transport company convenient for you depending on the country.
  7. You can check our news and fresh arrivals in social networks and our blog.

Piercebody.com is created for you to buy jewelry that draws attention. Online shopping has never been so simple and inexpensive. We do our best to supply decent service and exclusive products. Our aim is to make every customer satisfied with the purchase without exception.

If you are looking for exquisite lip piercing jewelry types then you are in the place you need to be. We have a huge collection of colorful labrets made from different materials that are very skin friendly for you to choose from at very low rate. Place order now. Let your body part piercings done with us at very reasonable rates.