Look Amazing with These Colorful Labrets Jewelry

What are Colorful Labrets?

Colorful labrets are kind of lip piercing jewelry which refers to a type of body piercing. It is also the jewelry used to do the piercing. In particular, a labret is the piercing which is done on the lips. When we refer to the jewelry, a Labret refers to jewelry designed for a lip piercing.

colorful labrets

A simple stud or ball may look great. Sure, but how about starting all and sundry with labrets that are unique? Go on, get out of the ordinary rut and win more admirers by inserting colorful labrets through your lower lip piercing.



Types of Colorful Labrets and Studs

  • UV Labrets with Colorful Checked UV Balls

Lip piercings have been made glamorous and appealing with these colorful labrets with checked UV balls. They appear in the form of straight barbells with the flat back end and a detachable ball screw at the visible end. These UV balls are available in various colors with a checked design which is mesmerizing for onlookers. Different types of lip piercings have also added more adventure and beauty.

flower shaped gold plated colorful labrets

These colorful labret 6mm jewels are made with UV material which is suitable for skin usage and have a long life with daily wear and tear and are at huge discounts. They are appealing in parties and discotheques with glowing properties and have constant demand worldwide.


  • Steel UV Labrets

Steel and UV Colorful Labrets are very durable and also safe to use. There are various types of other Labrets available, but not all of them suit everyone. This piercing is done right below the lower lip and a little above the chin. A Labret is also called as tongue pillar. This kind of piercing is getting very popular these days due to its attractive aesthetic.

surgical steel colorful labrets

  • Dangling Labrets Jewelry

A gleaming jewel that dangles from your lower lip is enough to merit a second glance as the shining gold of the jewelry is sure to be the cause of much envy. You will also do well to opt for a lovely colorful labret in anodized titanium or surgical steel if you are not too excited about wearing precious metals through your lower lip. A cute flower or a tiny Marilyn Monroe piercing looks exceedingly cute too. You might, however, benefit from having a cartilage clip on in gold and other metals instead of a dangling labret.

jeweled colorful labrets

You can certainly choose clip-ons, spider bites, or snake bites to keep your lower lip in the limelight. Start off with one made of gold and slowly proceed to offbeat materials like anodized labrets, steel, epoxy crystal as well as titanium that can ensure your skin a long and healthy time with no infection or irritation in sight.


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