Lip rings

Body piercing is something that has gained a status of fashion in the modern times.16 gauge barbells One can see body piercing done on lips, tongue bulk tongue rings ,  eyebrows, nose, navel and many other parts of the human labret


16G Steel Labret with Jeweled Drum       SS Labret with Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball      SS Flower Top Madonna Labret

Lip piercings are gaining popularity day by day and for getting the lips pierced lip rings are used. silver labret

Besides the regular lip rings there are the spiral lip rings 16 gauge lip ring as well that are considered being a little more stylish and they can be found  rose labrets
in different sizes and colors and even embedded with beautiful stones.jewelled balls


Surgical steel Anodized Labrets with Cone        BioFlex Lip Labret with 14K Gold Square Head        316L SS labret with Jeweled Ball

Lip rings 14g are the standard size that sells the most. The first timers usually go for this before wearing bigger gauge sized 18 gauge labret lip rings.

The circular lip rings are also very popular and especially the ones with barbells labret lip rings. They come in different colors and sizes too.belly button ring 16g

lips ings are sported by men too. In the women the lip rings increase the beauty and in the men they increase the appeal and style factor.lip rings

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