Grand Lip Art

Circular Barbells are very unique in style and design and they are made of high quality 14k gold. They are very simple to use and they can be worn for all body piercings. They are made of gold with zero percentage of nickel and have golden balls at both ends for support and they can easily be removed and attached back to them. Circular barbells are very common among woman, but they are also used by men.
These particular models can be used for almost any form of piercing and they are affordable and bulk orders are provided because they are always in demand. Women wearing this will definitely feel out of the world and would never take them off.

Lip piercing is considered to be a sensitive process and should be handled with care but with this new range of artistic internally threaded Labrets body piercing jewels it has become simple and women love these to flaunt their pouty lips and portray their wildness in parties, discotheques and family events.
These internally threaded Labrets are in the shape of straight barbells with a 3mm stone ball at one end and with a glossy gold finish by anodized gold which makes it visually attractive. These have hygienic steel as the metal used and have colored stones embedded into the ball. This makes it a grand body jewel for grand occasions like festivals, clubs and parties where it draws the crowd by its visual attraction.

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