How to Choose a Belly Button Piercing Jewelry Fit For Your Style

What are the Latest Belly Button Piercing Jewelry?

Speaking of fashion trends, body piercing is in vogue for a long time. It’s a common craze for youngsters especially teenyboppers. They are those who want to flaunt their own unique style and grab eyeballs. Among all different types of piercings, belly button piercings are quite popular. It’s a fad which doesn’t limit only women today; even men are resorting to body and belly piercings.

anodized belly button piercing jewelry

Why is Belly Button Piercing Jewelry?

Navel jewelry or belly button piercing jewelry attaches in or around the navel. It’s very similar to surgical steel eyebrow rings, although quite unlike these non-surface ones. Belly button piercing is a surface piercing where the actual navel skips and pierce upper navel rim. Belly piercings heal fast like other surface piercings if cleanliness and hygiene are maintained. However, rejection rates don’t rule out altogether.

belly button piercing jewelry

Belly Button Rings – How Are They Fitted?

As fashion accessories, belly button rings are fast gaining popularity either men or women. It’s the best kind of jewelry for adorning your navel area.

  • Of all belly piercing materials, gold, silver, titanium, surgical steel, rhodium are the most popular and safest with zero irritation or infection.
  • Avoid imitation jewelry, silver plated, sterling silver, base metal materials and those causing a reaction when coming in contact with body fluids. Such materials can lead to serious infection, scars or allergies.
  • Initially the step is locating the exact point in navel where you want the ring to get a piercing. The most common form is piercing through the navel’s upper rim. Figure out the correct angle and location. Use a body ink marker if necessary.

multi heart belly button piercing jewelry

  • Always go to a trained and professional piercing artist. Amateurs are best avoided. When trying for the first time, it’s better not to try it on your own. Improper piercings can even lead to body poisoning.
  • Properly sterilize tools before use. You’ll need disinfected gloves, disposable piercing needle, body ink marker, clamp, cotton balls, antiseptic lotion and the jewelry or ring that you want to fit. Pick a simple piece when piercing for the first time.
  • Make sure hands are cleaned with soapy water and antiseptic is dabbed before putting on the gloves. The area to be pierced should be cleaned with antiseptic-soaked cotton balls. The clamp will help you pinch the fold of skin and hold the tissue for piercing. The sterile needle then needs to push through the taut skin swiftly inorder to follow by the jewelry through the perforation.
  • Ensure that the belly button rings stay in place. Check the hygiene standards and efficiency of the piercing studio that you’re visiting. If you’re under 16, you probably need parents’ consent before piercing.

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Nowadays, there are multitudes of navel jewelry from a belly button piercing jewelry, barbells to dangling pendants. There are also clip-on and reverse belly button rings. A good piercing artist will guide you through selecting the best jewelry and also the cleaning and healing process. Proper sanitation and good care will accelerate the healing process. See a doctor immediately in case of pains, bruises or infections.

Once you’re safe knowing the hygiene techniques, nothing can be more fun and wacky than belly button rings. Go ahead and set the trend!


Author: Aaron Benson

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