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There are different types of piercings that have become a popular option for men and women. Not only celebrities are getting a gold body jewelry piercing. But even common people are showing a great interest to get a body piercing. Body piercing is usually done by the professionals who make use of sterile equipment for processing.

When it comes to body piercing jewelry, they are available in different metals. While wearing gold body jewelry is considerable to have pride and prosperous. Anyone aging 15 or above can wear body piercing jewelry as long as they want. Body piercing considers being an effectual way of expressing your feel and also a way to look trendy and fashionable.

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Different Types of Piercings

There are different types of piercings and body jewelry available today. However, there is a great demand for gold body jewelry as most people have a passion towards wearing them due to its elegance and class. This jewelry is appropriate to wear at your eyebrows, ears, nose, navel, lips, nipples, genital areas and in other parts of the body as per your desire. The only thing you need to make sure is to choose the body part where it would be less painful and look good on you.


After all, regretting at the end of the day for choosing the wrong place for body piercing is extremely useless. Getting different types of ear piercings may sound to be fashionable but it is not so. It is not a plaything as you are piercing your skin and bearing pain pertaining to it. So, you need to give utmost consideration to certain pointers before piercing gold jewelry into your body.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Gold Body Jewelry

  • First of all, the thing that you need to consider is to choose a reliable piercing parlor and studio. It is really worth to check the proper permits and certificates of the studio before sitting down and getting your body pierced for Gold Body Jewelry. This helps you to protect yourself from certain issues that might arise in the future.

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  • You need to make sure that the piercing expert puts on appropriate attire and uses the high-quality equipment for body piercing. It is also important for the piercing artist to wear protective garments, hair covering, and gloves throughout the piercing process. He must also wash his hands to remain clean before he starts off with the process. Using unclean equipment and wearing improper attire may lead to infection which in turn makes the condition worse. If any infection occurs, piercing takes a lot of time for healing.

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  • All the equipment and tools used by the piercing artist should be sterilized properly before and after every use. This is extremely important to avoid skin infections and health problems that might be problematic for individuals after jewelry piercing process.

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  • Gold body jewelry attach with piercing guns is not the appropriate method for various reasons.

    First of all, it is not possible to sterilize the piercing guns as they are usually made with plastic and it melts during sterilization. Second reason is that they do not provide sharp, clean surgical cut and the jewelry is forced into the tissue as the ends are blunt and not sharp. These aspects lead to extensive pain for a longer time. Moreover, gold piercings made with the guns take a long time to heal and are usually accompanied by the risk of infection and inflammation.

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  • If you have done body piercing with proper equipment, it will not take more than eight weeks for healing. Only after this time period, you can try wearing some other body piercing jewelry. Until this healing period, it is better to wear high-quality body jewelry made of gold. You should strictly adhere to body piercing aftercare steps as it will have a great impact on the healing time required by your body. It takes some time for your body to get adjusted to the piercing. So, it is best to leave it for at least six months to ensure better healing.

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  • When it comes to wearing Gold Body Jewelry, you need to consider high-quality You could find body piercing jewelry made of gold and other materials which may lead to several health problems, especially if you have an allergic condition. So, make sure you wear body jewelry made with the gold of at least 14K purity.

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Gold Body Jewelry and Different Types of Piercings

There are different types of piercings for body jewelry available today and they are named as per their shapes and parts of the body where they are pierced.

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  • Belly Button

Most people get a navel piercing as it is considered to be more fashionable and trendy. This area is mostly chosen by females than males to look elegant and outstanding. In fact, women consider it as an important accessory when they wear tops or blouses of short length. Even this kind of gold body jewelry is available in different types of piercings including pleasing, eye catching, and pleasing.

You could also find them in a wide array of designs such as butterfly, roses, and dragon. You could find dangle belly button rings in stud and ring models and so, you can choose the one based on your preferences.

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  • Eyebrow

This kind of body piercing is done through eyebrow mostly in the vertical direction. Usually, the piercing attaches above the eye near the edge of the eyebrow. Gold Body Jewelry pieces such as curved barbells, captive earrings, and banana barbells are the popular eyebrow jewelry. They add piercing from lower side of the eyebrow to the upper side of the eyebrow. The eyebrow gold jewelry items are available in different designs to choose from. As eye area is very sensitive, paying more attention and aftercare is extremely important.

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  • Nipple

Though Nipple is one of the sensitive areas of our body, some fashion conscious men and women prefer wearing this kind of Gold Body Jewelry pieces such as nipple rings, nipple chains, and nipple shield. When it comes to design, the Nipple Gold Jewelry is available in different choices ranging from roses to whirlpool. It will definitely make you look sexy and attractive. However, it would be difficult for new mothers for breastfeeding while wearing this nipple jewelry.


  • Nose

This is one of the most popular areas where most people get a piercing. This fashion trend has spread like a wildfire. Nose piercing is basically of three types and they include nostril piercing, bridge piercing, and a nasal septum piercing. Of course, nostril piercing is the most common among three types of piercing.

You will find nose piercing jewelry available in the varieties of rings and studs at the jewelry shop. However, the most common Gold Body Jewelry for the nose is rings and studs including circular barbells and captive bead rings.

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  • Lip and Tongue

This is another popular type of body piercing preferred by a huge number of people across the world. Basically, the lip piercing divides into two types and they include Monroe and Medusa piercing. Piercing which is done on the upper lip is called Monroe whereas the piercing which is done above the upper lip but below the septum is called medusa. Stud and ring are the most common jewelry that uses for a lip piercing.

Tongue piercing gold jewelry place usually in the middle and is another popular piercing style. Usually, barbells use as tongue piercing jewelry.

Different Types of Piercings: Non-Piercing Jewelry

Even non-piercing body jewelry is available in gold material. This kind of body jewelry looks similar as that of piercing body jewelry but they can be worn without making any piercing in your body. This means that you need not require a person to pierce your body for wearing the jewelry. This kind of Gold Body Jewelry makes use of glue, clips or magnets to fix the jewelry pieces on the body. You have labret rings, nose studs, navel chains, earrings, etc. in this version.

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Certainly, gold body jewelry piercing has always been the part of culture and art since ancient times. According to scientific researches, body piercing has several uses and proves that it showcases your inner feelings and even manifest the status in your society.

Jewelry made with pure gold is soft and flexible and is also yellowish in color. Even though there are several metals that look like pure gold, there is nothing to substitute the purity of 14K gold. However, in order to increase the strength and durability of the gold, people used to mix alloys such as zinc, copper, silver, and nickel. However, they add only to be the negligible amount.

Apart from yellow gold body jewelry, you also have rose gold, black gold, and white gold jewelry. If you want to look more feminine, you can go either with rose or white gold body piercing jewelry.

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