Get the Rockstar Look by SS Eyebrow Rings

Surgical steel eyebrow rings are one of the safest body jewelry made by finest quality surgical steel. With hundreds of new added design, 16G twisted -spiral with ball ring anodize la, CBB with Cone, Crystal stones add charm belly ring eyebrow ring, SS Eyebrow Banana Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball.

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In addition, there are some type of surgical steel eyebrow rings. They are eye piercing, barbells, barbells and captive bead rings are the common jewelry types worn in eyebrow piercings.


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Types of Surgical Steel Eyebrow Rings

Gold Plated Surgical Rings

Gold is an expensive metal and also considers as an investment. Rich brats probably use gold curved barbell. This metal is very skin friendly and would work very well for human skin. These are easily available in the market in all shapes and sizes. These are also available with diamond studs. Surgical steel eyebrow rings give an elegant look to an individual. Gold piercing jewelry creates an attractive look that will be very eye-catching. These barbells have different shape and sizes, and can be customized with a unique design of our own.

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Beautiful, prominent and glittering the 18k gold plated eyebrow rings can transform your personality and unleash the diva within. Light in weight and stylish to look at, these anti eyebrow piercing are a blend of tradition and modernity. Beautifully classic in effect with innovative designs like butterfly, musical notes, crocodile, clown, flame, scorpion, lizard, double ax and many more will inspire you to own them. The reptile motifs are popular now and the gold plating will make these items wonderful and memorable gifts.


UV Eyebrow Jewelry

Curved barbell UV jewelry is fun to use. These are completely safe to humans. These are available in all the possible UV colors. They are bright and uses lighter color garments, which enhances the look of an individual. It also available in ball shapes as well cone shapes. They are sold at a wholesale price, so that every individual can afford to buy. It does not affect your skin and prevents from infection. It gives a very stylish and attractive look to people who are using it.

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Curve Titanium Barbell

Curved barbell titanium is not easily damageable. An individual can enhance his or her style by using such accessories. They serve as a skin enhancer as well helps in healing. They are not allergic and do not affect human skin in any way. These serve the best for newly pierced skin. The piercing adds on the eyebrow. Best quality titanium is use to make these accessories. The shine of the titanium gives an elegant look. It is also cut and enhances into shape. One can also customize and give their own design.

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