10 Amazing Snug Piercing Jewelry to Leave You Speechless

Today you will see that piercing of body parts is something in the method for workmanship that includes utilizing your own body as a canvas. Prior on the most usually seen peircing jewlery was that of the ear flaps and that too overwhelmingly among ladies. That is no more the case today. Presently there are more zones being pierced over the body and we have different names for them. The majority of these names are gotten from the way the piercing is done or its similarity to an article or an event. Like for instance, the Snake Nibble is a name that is gotten from the after effect of the piercing that makes the zone pierced to look like that of the teeth of the snake.

What is a Snug Piercing?

A ‘sung piercing’ is a kind of piercing through the ear’s ligament, for this situation through the edge between the inward and external parts of the ear, known as the antihelix or anti-helical fold. The careful area fluctuates individually by the individual, as the best place to put a snug piercing will be different relying on the state of the individual ear. It is more often than not about mostly down the ear, and a little path far from the external edge of the ear. A drop down snug piercing is now and then rather called a ‘rook piercing’.


Is a Snug Piercing a Smart Thought?

A snug piercing is one of the more unordinary and striking ear piercings and an awesome approach to adding to a current gathering of piercings. In any case, it is likewise a stand out amongst the most difficult ear piercings and has very much a long recuperating period. You ought to never have a snug piercing done by any individual who is not an expert and guarantee that the piercing salon takes, after all, essential disinfection rehearses.


Notwithstanding when very much tended to, a snug piercing can take up to six months to recuperate, and once in a while significantly more. This is a direct result of the thickness of the ligament tissue which the piercing needs to go through. The piercing is likewise bended, putting additional weight on the region as it mends. A snug piercing is additionally close to the outside of the ear, which makes it harder to ensure, and more inclined to get the knock and thumped over the span of regular life.

How is Snug Piercing Done?

Finding a decent piercing salon ought to be your highest need. Snug piercing must be done by a very experienced piercing proficient as the inward edge is a stand out amongst the most delicate parts of the ears. After intensive cleaning of the piercing site, the passage, and way out focuses will be set apart with a surgical stamping pen. A thick cleaned needle is then pushed through the internal ligament edge. After the piercing is done, little adornments are embedded.

Step by Step Instructions to Deal with Snug Piercing:

The snug is the inside range of the external edge of the internal ear ligament, simply over the counter tragus, and the piercing done around there is known as snug piercing. Following the piercing territory of the snug is an exceptionally touchy part of the ear, it can be very difficult.

In spite of the fact that there is high effective rate of ear piercings, the snug piercing can without much of a stretch complete contaminated if not appropriately and because of ill-advised consideration. Along these lines, if you need to complete a snug piercing or if you as of now had it done, ensure that you take after aftercare directions appropriately. Here are a couple tips on the most proficient method to deal with your new snug piercing.

9 Interesting Snug Piercing Jewellery to Amaze You:

  1. 18G 8mm 14kt Solid Gold Piercing Ring Cartilage Hoop Earring Tragus Rook Snug Daith Helix Orbital Conch Piercing Jewelry



2. TWO 24g NOSE RINGS – 925 Sterling Silver Nose Ring -Cartilage -Tragus -Septum -Ear Ring -Rook, Daith, Nipple, Sterling Silver Piercing



3. Endless Hoop Heart Earring – Snug Piercing – Rook Piercing – Tragus Piercing – Lobe Piercing – Teal Glass Beaded Earring – Made to Order



4. Brass tragus ring 1mm 18g, tiny tribal lotus flower daith rook helix snug piercing, small cartilage earring antique gold hoop wire



5. 925 Sterling Silver Cartilage Hoop Earring 20G 18G 16G Hammered Piercing Ring Conch Daith Helix Orbital Tragus Rook Snug Piercing Jewelry



6. 4 pack 24 GAUGE – Small Thin Silver, Brass, Gold, Copper Nose Rings, different colors, snug piercing, body jewelry, nose jewelry, nose hoop



7.  Rook Earring 16G, Key Eyebrow Naval Cartilage Helix Ear Cuff Conch Snug Rook, 316L Surgical Steel Piercing Body Jewelry



8. Triple Helix, Triple Forward Helix, Cartilage Earring, Cartilage Piercing, Tragus Earring, Tragus Stud, Snug Piercing, Inner Conch Piercing



9. Black Triangle Huggie Hoop Earrings for Men – Ear Cartilage Helix Tragus Daith Rook Snug Piercing – Guys Gothic Punk Rock Steel – XSno.214



Snug Piercing Infection and Entanglements:

The absence of consideration can bring about infection of the piercing, prompting longer recuperating time. A contaminated piercing is described by redness, swelling, delicacy, and discharge release that may bring about lasting ear harm if left untreated. Steady soreness and bothering close to the piercing site is an unmistakable indication of a gems dismissal. If you don’t get the gems uprooted in time, it will relocate out and bring about scarring.

Does a Snug Pierce Hurt?

A snug piercing is, by and large, thought to be one of the most agonizing sorts of piercing, as a result of the thickness of the ligament and the affectability of the range. Likewise with any piercing, torment limit is clearly an exceptionally singular thing, so how much a snug piercing really damages will change colossally from individual to individual. Many individuals say that the real piercing did not hurt by any stretch of the imagination, but rather having the gems slid into the piercing hurt a bit. It ought to likewise be recollected that the mending procedure might well be entirely excruciating. To evade pointless torment, search for a piercer who has a great deal of involvement in snug piercings especially.


Snug Piercing Consideration Tips:

The snug piercing region is greatly delicate, so you have to take legitimate consideration and insurance should be taken to stay away from infections and different complexities. Perused the accompanying steps:

  • Select a rumored piercing parlor and expert piercer to avoid infections and different dangers related to body piercings. Guarantee that your piercer utilizes just sanitized piercing supplies wholesale.
  • If you are hesitant to endure the torment, you can pack the zone with ice or apply nearby anesthesia, for example, benzocaine arrangement. This will numb the territory and in all likelihood decrease the torment.
  • By utilizing a perfect cotton swab, clean the piercing region with a saline arrangement every day.
  • Be exceptionally watchful while dozing. Abstain from dozing over the piercing. Ensure that your hair does not get trapped with the piercing or the adornments.
  • Try not to move or change the adornments for 2-3 weeks subsequent to piercing, for it can exasperate bothering and triggers aggravation and infections. Ensure that you change the adornments after the piercing has mended totally.
  • To advance a solid recuperating process, you can likewise apply lavender oil to the pierced region.
  • Change your pillowcases day by day keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from bacterial infections.
  • To recuperate the injury quicker you can likewise utilize zinc and vitamin B supplement purifying cream.
  • Before touching the piercing or adornments and before cleaning your piercing zone ensure that you wash your hands with disinfectant cleanser.
  • Abstain from utilizing beta dine, methylated, liquor or peroxide to clean your new snug piercing. They contain cruel chemicals which can harm the cells and decline the piercing.
  • Abstain from utilizing earphones, headphones, mobiles or phone in favor of the piercing, until and unless the injury has recuperated totally.
  • Guarantee that the compound items like hair splash, hair gels, and beauty care products don’t touch the piercing.

What are the Snug Piercing Risks?

A percentage of the principle Snug Piercing Complexities are:


Not watching over the snug appropriately in the wake of piercing can bring about infection. Contaminated snug may experiences redness, swelling and watery release. In amazing cases, discharge filled bumps can emerge in the area. It is fitting that you do the piercing from a presumed studio and take care of it well a short time later. These straightforward steps can offer you some assistance with avoiding infection.


Injury or damage to the simply pierced snug can bring about a tear in the zone. Damage can likewise emerge if the snug endures because of brutal games exercises. A tear can likewise happen if the end of the adornments gets a towel and endures a force. It is encouraged to keep away from every cruel activity for no less than a month or until the snug recuperates a bit. You ought to additionally abstain from considering the pierced side to stay away from a dismissal or movement.


Frequently there is a disturbance in the snug because of utilization of solid hair gels, hair showers or cleansers. If you encounter comparative side effects because of same causes, you ought to change to a gentle brand.

The piercer will then give you the aftercare directions. You will likely be given a manually loaded with headings on the best way to take care of the pierced area.

Snug Piercing Migration:  If not punctured legitimately, the pierced spot can move from its real position and settle elsewhere on the ear taking the gems along. Aside from uncalled for puncturing, utilization of a greater gems and absence of good aftercare might likewise bring about Snug Piercing Movement.

Snug Piercing Rejection: Uncalled for piercing, an inconsistency of the skin with the metal of the gems and nonattendance of consideration or sporadic aftercare can likewise prompt “dismissal” of the gems. In such cases, the body responds against the adornments. The skin pushes the Snug Piercing ring out making it fall away in the long run.

What are the types of Snug Piercing?

Double Snug Piercing: Two piercings are done on the antihelix. Notwithstanding, the mending time may get stretched out for this style of piercing.

Faux Snug Piercing: It is a blend of external conch piercing and brings down helix piercing. If you don’t have an all around created against helix for a standard snug piercing, you can settle on this one.

16 Best Snug Piercing Ideas with Images:

















Celebrities who have Snug Piercing:

We are always influenced by the trendy looks of our favourite celebrities. Now it’s time to go through the celeb list to find out some beautiful snug piercing.

  • Jenna Jameson


  • Kim Jaejoong
  • 21Miley Cyrus



  • Kylie Jenner


  • Emma Watson


  • Hayden Panettiere


  • Nicole Richie
  • 29Rosie Huntington Whiteley


  • Emma Stone


  • Cara Delevingne



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