Will a Dermal Punch help my ears?

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Ear piercing is the most popular among all types of body piercings. But in doing so, you need to be extremely cautious and vigilant.

Dermal punch- Risks and advantages

Dermal punch is used by doctors to remove tissue for biopsy samples. Cartilage can be really difficult to stretch and will scar more, in such cases, a dermal punch helps you to get a large gauge piercing involving lesser risk. This is a very delicate and complex procedure and should be done only by a practiced and certified piercer. Dermal punching in the ear lobes is very risky and not much recommended. For ear lobes, it is better to have needle piercing. Dermal punches expunge tissue, which, if used on earlobes, may result in thin lobes, which may be damaging to further stretching. You should retain most of the tissues in your lobes if you intend to stretch the lobes which will ensure safe and hassle free ear piercings.

It is dangerous to stretch piercings of cartilage up more than a few gauges. Dermal punching is the best way for people who want ample gauge piercings in the conch or outer conch. Small punches need the jewelry to be worn at all times all through the total recovery process. Large punches may recover without jewelry when the bleeding stops.


Any sort of dermal punch comes with a huge risk of bleeding because it leaves a big gash in the body. Wearing jewelry of perfect size can seal the wound and check bleeding. But it should be kept under close observation both during and after the procedure. Those who have bleeding conditions like hemophilia or take blood thinners must turn to a doctor before undergoing such a procedure. Medical assistance should be sought immediately in case the bleeding is severe. Properly sterilized tools, sterile jewelry and getting it done by professional and licensed personnel can help stem the risk of infection to a great extent.

Dermal punch removes a circle of tissue from the intended area and therefore it cannot be undone.


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Author: Aaron Benson

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