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Superior quality and a great saving only at! Shop Smarter! Buy body jewelry from the right source! The store
that provides magnificent deals into a whenever- you- want- an- affair!

Grocery shopping is a chore. There has to be a way to liven up your style. Purchase online with us and avoid the hassle as well as the queue.Tragus bars is the #1 leading vendors for body jewelry because we’re the distributors and suppliers.dermal anchors in a tray

We distribute to the wholesalers as well as the retailers .clip on belly jewelry


             Single Heart Jeweled Navel Banana  Jeweled Crab Navel Belly Ring

Our body jewelry emphasizes on custom designs, textures, and unique styles with a wide array collections from earring cartilage clip-on, nose rings clear nose,
belly rings, labrets, eyebrow rings, dermal piercing jewelry, curved barbells clear barbells, and tragus piercing jewelry, helix piercing jewelry, cartilage jewelry, tongue bars spider tongue and more.  With many designs to choose from, there is no Clear nose ring excuse to let your wardrobe go stale!

Our online body jewelry store also features non piercing body jewelry in fake ear plugs and jewelry accessories! Beautiful and clear body piercing
elite when you wear and want your pierced area to look extra special. helix piercing


        Sterling Silver Crystal Hollow Tear drop Earring        Pink Crystal Rugby Ball Navel Ring

Our lasting impression with a reasonable price is a reminder to the wearer on how special the person is. Essentially, there aren’t  clear tongue rings
any better gifts than in our selection…Butterfly nose studs

In the collections, the online gallery also provides new arrivals, exclusive collections, best selling, deal time and even assorted
collections.  Bargains and offers to save many because we list them in close out stock, clearance stock, promotional
discounts and coupons.piercing stud


Zip Jeweled Eyebrow Ring         SS Spider Web Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel  Wooden Marble Spiral Tail Fake Ear Plug

We guarantee anyone visiting our gallery will find the jaw dropping collections of body piercing jewelry and ornaments. We are an
excellent source for fabulous body jewelry tools and accessories piercing tools. Our body jewelry store guarantees the satisfaction of the body jewelry for personal and social attributes. also knows what our online shopper constantly looks for and we fulfill their demand! We have an eye-catch for
every collection. A fact, we specialize in selling unique gift ideas for every occasion.

Our feature includes a user friendly cart, 100% of items in stock at all times. Every of the customer will have an opportunity to
create their own account and purchase products. We manufacture, design and import body jewelry from our own factory in Thailand. service gives a comfort level. Our working hours is organized to work in different shifts. In order to serve you
better. Our day shift serves Asia, Asia Pacific and Europe. While our night shift serves America, North America and South America.  We look forward to fulfill your requirements and feedback.

24 hours dispatch of every order. Our shipping courier with UPS, FedEx, EMS and
Registered Airmail assures the delivery world wide.  * We ship according to the customer’s

In case, you have any order placed during the weekend or after hours of Saturday then the estimated delivery date is based on Monday.  – Orders placed during holidays may create an additional delay in the starting date of your order.

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