Steel Tongue Barbell Piercing Square Crystal Top

It is important to know about the right way to use of tongue barbell piercing. It’s also helpful to know about the don’ts of the same. These negative side provides to you by your piercing professional. It should probably be follow in order to accelerate the healing process of tongue piercing.

Piercebody offers the choicest of tongue piercing jewelry items. In which are available at the best of prices to buy tongue rings online. This SS tongue barbell with square crystal top appears cool and sparkling. When you talk or laugh this sparkling piece will be visible inside your mouth adding a zing to your personality. The stones can be bought at different colors. Whichever you prefer and they won’t fall off because they covers in epoxy.

Tongue Barbell Piercing

Most Appropriate Tongue Barbell Piercing for You

316l surgical steel is the metal that uses for tongue barbells. It also make the tongue barbell piercing with the size of the top being 7mm. Since, you will love to keep to this surgical steel tongue rings on your tongue for a long time. You have to take good care of it without letting it fall prey to infections. To be able to do that, you must avoid doing certain things. As a start avoid doing it from your buddies.

Visit a professional piercer to do the piercing for you. And also avoid doing it yourself because it is difficult. You may accompany your friends to the parlor and watched them getting pierced. Yet that does not make you eligible to do a piercing on yourself.

silver Tongue Barbell Piercing

For initial piercing a steel jewelry is the best one and that too either surgical steel or stainless steel because this metal is most friendly to your skin and gives less trouble during the healing period. After the piercing do not rub your jewelry piece against your teeth and around your mouth because that might cause unwanted damage. If you are on pain killer then Tylenol or Advil are more helpful than Aspirin because it helps the blood in thinning and can prolong bleeding. Touching the piercing with unclean fingers, rubbing it or trying to move it anyway or engaging in oral sex and kissing activities are banned.

Get rid of alcohol and smoke if you do not wish to irritate your piercing. Do not use harsh commercial mouthwash, seek advice from your piercer regarding the perfect mouthwash during aftercare. It is always wise to know about these and follow the instructions even if they make you feel restricted because in the end it is you who will benefit from this.

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