Tongue Rings

We have a vivid collection of straight barbell tongue rings. Made of surgical steel, these fashionable piercings comes in eye-catching colors and designs. Our piercing jewelry is skin-friendly, durable and easy to maintain. Bring an instant change to your stale look with any of these body piercing jewelries! Smart pick makes the difference!

Tongue Piercing Barbells…Re-imagined!

Body Piercing is in vogue these days but the parameters of creativity are being pushed towards the extreme. As piercing loyalists, we are never overwhelmed by emerging piercing options. While ear piercing is perhaps the safest bet to start your piercing journey, the next level lies in something a lot more complicated, best suited for folks who are serious about the piercing lifestyle. We are talking about Tongue Piercing. Some high-profile personalities who have experimented with Straight Tongue Barbells includes Drew Barrymore and Evan Rachel Wood!

Piercebody is your Body Piercing Fashion Specialist

Tongue Rings are a unique form of bodily piercings. When done properly, piercing your tongue can be a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Invariably, you need a piercing artist to handle this type of piercing. However, you also need the best in piercing supplies and accessories. Piercebodyoffers the advantage of choosing from some truly fashionable, exclusive and debonair tongue piercing options. While facial piercing can be a conundrum at workplaces, tongue piercing is a safer and stylish option but needs careful handling. The best part about tongue piercing is that you can remove the barbell anytime and the healing process is somewhat self-sustaining and usually doesn’t need dedicated treatment.

Trust Piercebody for Tongue Piercing Supplies/Accessories

The biggest myth about Tongue Ring Barbells is that it is painful and leaves terrible scars. People are apprehensive about the idea of putting a metal inside their mouth. Tongue piercing materials need special attention. The chances of contracting an infection are rather high. A small irritation can transform into a serious infection. We offer a growing collection of skin-friendly Straight Barbell Tongue Rings. Made of surgical steel, these fashionable piercings come in vibrant colors and designs along with the assurance of safety. Tongue barbells need a seasoned piercing artists and the use of premium materials—Piercebodybarbells are 100% sterile!

We Stand Unparalleled in Body Jewelry & Piercing Industry

The body piercing marketplace is highly unorganized. We ensure that quality-conscious practices are encouraged. has developed an independent ecosystem where excellence is the standard goal. You will find fashion jewelry that is perfect for everyday wear and can define your lifestyle as well. We are uniquely positioned in this segment because:

  1. All sales items are systematically tested for superior quality
  2. All our jewelry products carry trusted certifications from recognized authorities
  3. Our products are also available in the ready-to-ship, bulk order format
  4. Crystals are carefully chosen, under the guidance of crystal healers and experts
  5. We provide exclusive, global deals on body piercing jewelry 

With our efficient in-house design team, a digitally optimized manufacturing process, the best of warehousing facilities and systematically set-up wholesale channels, we assure you of fashionable, quality-oriented tongue rings and other piercing jewelry options.

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46 Item(s)

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