Exquisite and Stunning Collection of Gold Jewelries

Why Do You Need Gold Jewelries?

The best feature about gold is that it suits any skin type. It also healing qualities unmatched to any other metal. So with gold, you will have beauty with healing qualities. Like gold curved barbell is a must-have for your wardrobe because adorning anything gold curved barbell is simply fascinating. Excellent designs of flowers, cross, leaves, butterflies, fish are available in this selection. Most of them come with jewels making the gold jewelry look even more stunning and dazzling. The danglers, as well as the studs both, look lavish and luxurious dipped in gold. You will surely be mesmerized with the golden glitter and the variety in designs. These items make lovely gifts!

gold jewelries

Gold and Diamond Sets

What would you say to gold and diamond rolled into one? Yes! That is what Piercebody does by designing beautiful gold sets in the shape of diamonds. Wear them to any occasion, and all eyes are sure to be riveted towards you. This happens courtesy of the beautiful gold sets that enhances your look by 100% or more. Now, isn’t it a chic way of flaunting your style while opting for the cool glittering metal that has kept people enthralled for ages? You need not finalize the diamond set though. There is no compulsion! However, the other designs of enameled pendants, ovals or square pendants with matching earrings can have the same effect too. Go for it, gal!

These Jewelry sets are made of 22k gold and suits well for ethnic wears. These come with a pair of earrings and a pendant, which looks so elegant when worn. The gold used is very shiny and lasts for a very long time. These sets come with studded stones.

Gold jewelry set has very creative and innovative designs. The studded stones go with neutral colors like white and black which suits well for most of the costumes. Pendant and earrings come in the same shape like Diamond, Oval, square and different designs. Set jewelry is very much worth for its money.



Different Types of Gold Jewelries

Body piercing has been accepted as a body art form in this decade. They also have a huge fan following all over the globe, and they are in constant demand because of its artistic design and artistry.


Gold Nose Rings

gold nose rings


Nose piercing is sacred in many communities. It is now a globally accepted fashion statement, and it has been taken to great heights with the use of these new white gold nose screws. It’s made of solid shining yellow 9k white gold, and these nose pins come in various shapes like l-shaped, curved bent and semi-curved screws.


  1. White Gold Nose Ring

These white gold nose rings are available with low prices and a long product life. Having no ill effects on the skin and they are suitable for all occasions. All dressing styles and they just elevate the visual appeal with the use of 1.5mm pure grade CZ stone in the center of the butterfly end. It’s also in constant demand worldwide.

  1. Gold – Diamond Nose Rings

Trust gold diamond nose pins to transform your look from simple to beautiful in a jiffy. While there are many kinds of body jewelry setting new trends, each day, it is this nose piercing that will always remain fashionable. You will find a wide variety of 14k gold diamond nose pins here to match your every piece of clothing and to suit your moods. These are made from 14k gold and are embellished with diamonds in different cuts and shapes and sizes to bring out the very best in the jewelry. So go on and shop from our range of gold diamond nose that represents you brings out the most beautiful you.



Navel Gold Jewelries

navel gold jewelries

Belly piercing has now become a catching trend because of the glamor quotient it adds to women. These belly gold rings are made of pure 14k yellow gold and they are in the shape of a curved banana with a gold ball screw at one end and a small ball at the other end where dangling pieces of jewelry can be attached.

These jewels are made with yellow gold jewelries and colored stones and rubies attached to them, and it just takes the visual grandness to great heights, and they are pure and hygienic for human wear and are done with great artistry and are available with huge discounts.



Gold Earrings

gold earrings

Ear piercings have become a common fashion statement among women now. With ample designs and shapes, people are looking for an elite range of designs which takes the piercing to a whole new level of grandness. Women love these gold earrings as they are of pure 14k yellow gold jewelries and have stones or genuine cut diamonds at one end they can be worn with ease.

Gold earrings suitable for daily wear and they will surely turn heads when worn to grand events like festivals and weddings where people just drop their jaws. These jewels are cheap and just elevate the beauty and glamor quotient of women for all occasions.



Gold Finger Rings

gold segment


Finger ring is custom made body jewelry made of 14k gold with no nickel traces, and these yellow gold finger rings have an illuminating shine which makes the crowd go crazy. They come in various shapes and elegant designs. Gold Finger rings are beautiful, and when gifted it makes a grand gesture among friends and loved ones.

Finger rings are made with precision cutting with industry expertise. They have engraved designs and letters which can be customized. Women love these gold finger rings has it has a grand appearance when worn especially in family events and marriages. It is a crowd puller and makes everyone’s eyes wide open when viewed.



Gold Lip Jewelry

gold lip jewelries

If you desire to make your lips look extra beautiful, then wear gold lip jewelry. Gold Lip rings and studs made from gold can give a great chic look and also, durable and worth the price as well.

You can get the design of your choice from the vast collection. You can find the uniquely crafted designs having jeweled tops elegantly carved into different fancy shapes such as heart, flower, or square heads. Shop the stunning studded gold lip jewelry and wear this festive season to impress everyone in the gathering. These gold lips jewelry is not just adorable, but budget-friendly as well.

Piercebody.com offers you a wide choice of top quality gold labret piercing jewelry from labret stud lip rings to captive bead rings at best. Stone studded with gold lip labret body jewelry at it’s the best with the best price.



Gold Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

gold lip jewelry

Piercing the eyebrows is the latest trend in body piercing which depicts a bold and wacky style. People who are into the gothic look and rock culture will have a blast by applying this eyebrow jewelry which elevates their style. They are meant for daily wear and made of 14k gold in its purest form with no nickel traces. They are hollow and composed of golden beads at both ends for support and can be worn with ease.

This eyebrow jewelry is the best in the business, and they are cheap and made by artists with excellent craftsmanship. They can be used for parties and clubs and makes the onlookers go crazy.

The eyes are the gateway to the soul of a human being and now piercing the Eyebrow is like decorating the gateway. Eyebrow piercing is very easy since the Eyebrow rings are made with quality gold with 16 gauge eyebrow measured and their hollow shaped figure has round beads of gold at both ends which have a unique touch to the physical appearance of the eyebrow jewelry.

Eyebrow rings will never be out of fashion and with the constant demand and a fan following. They form affordable gifts among loved ones. They will surely attract women on a large scale as this product intensifies the beauty of their eyes.



Horseshoe Golden Jewelry


This new golden horseshoe non-piercing jewelry is made of surgical steel 316L with pure rose gold on the surface by physical vapor deposition. It makes the jewel rust free and corrosion free for a long time. These non-piercing horseshoe rings are loved by women because they are suitable for parties and weddings, which makes their entire persona grand and beautiful and they come in the cheap process. So women love this new range of gold jewelries




The Best Time to Purchase Gold Jewelries

From time great women and their obsession with gold body jewelry go hand in hand. You can find the finest range of gold jewelry here, ranging from nose rings to earrings. These are available in many designs to suit all your needs.

You can find gold body jewelry in just plain gold hoops and rings. If you want an added touch of elegance, you will also find gold body jewelry encrusted with stones from different colors and different cuts to go with every attire of yours. Investing in gold body jewelry is better than any other metal as this is asset worth will never go down and can even be passed on to your next generations as antique gold body jewelry.


Where to Find Affordable Gold Jewelries

Piercebody.com is one of the most leading body piercing jewelry supplier. Our body piercing jewelry store offers more than 2,500 different styles of gold jewelry. Piercebody offers the finest quality of gold pieces of jewelry. We provide a wide selection of quality body jewelry and body piercing accessories for our customers to choose from while shopping

Our body jewelry store brings the new collection of gold jewelries and accessories. Every month, our body piercing jewelry store carries delicate items that will surely give your contentment with gold.


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