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For some people piercing is inacceptable or just dreadful, so they prefer classic types of jewelry which are more safe and conservative. Rings are always widespread, and we know what types will catch eyes of the crowd today.

Advantages of rings

In comparison with lip piercing jewelry, wearing accessories on fingers seems less painful and dangerous. However, there are some other arguments to select exactly this kind of body adornment:

  • rings are safe for a person of any age or sex or social position;
  • rings are easier to get despite the fact one needs to search for suitable size;
  • fingers do not require special treatment, rings are easier to put on/off;
  • no one judges people with classic rings, while piercing lovers sometimes are frown or laughed upon;
  • no matter what metal or material jewelry is made of, it will always be safe for your skin.

So, finger rings are absolutely comfortable and have no serious disadvantages. But there is one thing that should be taken into account – design.

Our exclusive catalogue

We are glad to present different types of finger rings:

  1. Silver ones will be suitable for girls and women who love classic jewelry like rings with crystals and gemstones.
  2. Club lovers shall like UV rings with interesting symbols and signs shining under neon light.
  3. Armor rings are the choice for tough guys who prefer massive gothic accessories.

And all these types are sold for reasonable prices. This list is always renewed and refilled. The more often you visit our site, the more likely you to find something special.

What makes us leaders?

Taking care about every customer, we supply all conditions for them to arrange beneficial purchases:

  1. User-friendly website with full info concerning goods and order formation.
  2. Sales, retail and set deals, special offers, limited editions.
  3. We are among first to apply new materials and devices for piercing.
  4. Delivery around the world and it may be free for both retail and wholesale buyers.
  5. The materials and production are certified.
  6. Exclusive design solutions some of which are never presented in ordinary shops.

We provide special offers for wholesale buyers: the more you order, the fewer is cost for one item.

Our customers wish to look and feel special, so we provide special treatment and care for them. That turns us into one of the best online piercing jewelry store. Buy at, and you won't regret the time and money you spent.

Looking for a right fit and special something for your finger ring? Choose from our wide range of finger ring materials like UV, silver and others to build that elegant and trendy look that you are going for. This silver finger jewelry is studded with different colorful stones.

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