Solid Gold belly button ring

No metal is as loved by a woman as is gold!   The history of gold proves that it is by far the most popular of precious metals
and has never failed to dazzle women by its glittering pale yellow sheen! 14 k nickel free gold belly button ring is the answer to gold lovers far and wide dragon belly ring. The dazzle has allured all onlookers and a piece of 14 K gold at the navel surely translates into sensuality and class! It glitters in its own regal way and gives a tough competition to both real solid gold belly button rings and crystal dazzle!  aurora borealis


               Jeweled Dragonfly 14K Gold Navel Ring


The skin-friendliness of this metal is long proven Gold Navel Ring heart, so it is completely safe on the navel! It also lasts without losing its glitter unlike set stones which run the risk of damage due to constant and prolonged wear! l and 1::int=1

        CZ Jeweled Flower Dangling 18K Yellow Gold Navel Ring         Jeweled Flower Dangling 18K Gold Belly Ring
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