The Fashion Revolution of Earplugs, Tunnels and Ear Expanders

Choose the Best Between Ear Plugs, Tunnels, and Ear Expanders

Are you sick and tired of the traditional ear jewelry? You don’t have to worry because a spectacular array of UV ear plugs and tunnels are the newest trend in fashion today. Giving an excuse to expand your ear and show off your piercing beautifully. Cool styles that can make your day using the different types of ear piercings and ear expanders.

Ear Plugs Design

Creating a fast and wide revolution in the fashion world, runway models use ear plugs for the definition of fashion trend. The acrylic colors like neon like a transparent internal screw that makes it easy to wear and remove at will. The funky look becomes, even more, fun when the UV plug tunnel material starts glowing in the dark while you party big time. Silicon plugs have also become one of the most stretchable earplugs available.

Give your style a boost by showing off your unique body piercing like never before. Let the world have a look at your beautiful ears as you sport the perfect earplugs, tunnels, and ear expanders in extraordinary materials right from shells, stone, horns, and gorgeous glass. Colorful and sparkling, these ear ornaments can certainly make your day as you proceed towards your destination attracting attention all the while. The prints, logos, and patterns are as varied as possible and you will do well to grab a handful while you check out the collection at Be sure to be on a look out for trendy and uncommon shapes while you are at it.

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How to Choose the Perfect Ear Piercing Jewelry

Go ahead and astound the world by giving them an earful! No, you are not being asked to yell here. You simply get to show off your gorgeous earrings to all and sundry. The different types of piercings remain the most traditional as well as the easiest body piercing for men and women. Seize the opportunity by flaunting it in more ways than one courtesy the eye-popping display at From tiny studs and danglers to earplugs and ear expanders you can opt for every kind of jewelry imaginable here. Surgical steel and anodized titanium happen to be the best when your ear is prone to skin infections although you are free to go for the colorful bio flex as well.


What is important before getting an ear piercing is to check an ear gauge chart in getting earplugs. With this, you can check the correct earplugs and ear gauge sizes.


Types of Earplugs, Ear Tunnels, and Ear Expanders


Silicone ear plugs have their own popular style. They’re known for their ultra-comfort and flexibility when worn.


Surgical Steel

316 Surgical steel is the most preferred in an anodized ear plug or a black line anodized ear flesh tunnel. It is also popular as Surgical Steel Double Flared Ear Tunnel. They have available sizes from 1.2mm to 30mm or 2.5mm to 30m. If you plan to go different or change your style color changing plug silicone then it is a surgical earplug. It has its size from 2mm to 30mm.

One of the fascinating trendy 4mm lobe ear plugs Surface barbell. This plug is considered to be one of the most popular and heart-robbing pieces. Metal material made of 316l Surgical Steel.




It is known that the best pieces of ear plugs, flesh tunnels or plugs come in 10mm. It’s has a style and statement of its own, no matter what quality of the ear stretcher it falls to be. The anodized ear plug captivates an inspiring style piece of its own, a heart robbing collection piece a piercing collection.



Embrace the enchanting 4g stone plugs that have High-quality material. The cold plugs which will be the good further to your accessories.

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Popular Designs of Ear Piercing Jewelries

Checkered Logo Ear Plug

This jewelry is considered to be a funky ear plug. There is a huge selection of this piece because checkered ear plug still stands to be one of the most demanded ear tunnels.


Zebra Ear Jewelry

Zebra print plugs are getting the most hits. It also remains as one of the most in demand body jewelry piece whether in ear plugs of zebra print pendant! Zebra print ear plugs have three styles and they are UV material in an ear expander and straight ear expander.


Skull Plugs

The internally threaded logo ear plug or the black day of the Dead Sugar Skull is the sugar skull logo. It picks up a lot of fame of the late gothic skulls and the youth is simply crazy about skulls. The suit to be in the Halloween’s special because we don’t see this kind of ear plugs very often.


Ear Expander sizes

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