Lip ring jewelry

Lip rings are very stylish pieces of body jewelry. People who go for lip piercing usually stand out in the crowd and are able to make a very bold fashion statement.bat man


925 Silver Jeweled Head Sperm Nose Stud        925 Silver Jeweled Chain Dangling Nose Stud      925 Silver Star Set Nose Stud

The sizes of lip rings vary and one might choose the one that he/she thinks will suit him/her the best lip and nose. The lip rings are available in different colors and designs as well lip labret. There are spiked lip rings, black lip ring, spiral lip ring and the very famous Monroe lip rings.


SS Labret with Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball              SS Jeweled Top Madonna Labret Surgical steel Anodized Labrets with Cone

Monroe lip rings have gotten their name from the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. This is so because Marilyn Monroe had a beauty spot above the upper lips on the left hand side and a Monroe lip rings and studs are meant to resemble the same tragus earring.

Lip rings tragus labrets are great fashion accessories and enhance the appeal about the person who sports them but one should not forget that they are piercings done on the lips and hence proper care should be taken before and after piercing. The healing period is about 6-8  bio pla
weeks and meantime all infection should be avoided.Lip piercing

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