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SS Jeweled Top Madonna Labret


Lip ring jewelry has found a place in the fashion lovers’ hearts. There are different kinds of lip ring jewelry that are available like Labret lip ring, lip piercing stud or ring.labret  ring


316L SS labret with Jeweled Ball  BioFlex Madonna Labret with Flower Jeweled Top 

 Lip rings body jewelry and studs remain one of the most favorites of lip piercing jewelries  labret star. These are in fact one of the most sought after facial piercings all over the world.8mm labrets

SS Labret with Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball  Blackline Madonna Labret 

There are many people who would love to go for a Labret lip ring but are afraid because they are unsure about the healing process after the piercing has been done bioflex lip. Well, if the piercing has been done by skilled hands then you need not worry about the lip ring healing. It usually takes about 6.8 weeks to heal and the infection chances are very rare because the mouth has an inbuilt ability to heal itself.bioflex push fit


There are different kinds of lip rings available in the market. They are of different sizes and colors., our body jewelry store offers one of the best lip ring purchases. We also offer a huge collection of lip rings for sale.

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