Interesting Facts About Belly Button Piercing

Interesting Types of Belly Button Piercing

  • Weed Plant Belly Ring

    A simple leaf! The weed plant belly button ring is for those ones who are not daring enough to flaunt it. It is the latest fashion. With Rasta colors and pure, weed plant belly button rings and green leaves are sure to draw the attention!!


  • Name Belly Button Rings

    Dolphin Belly Button RingsPersonalized belly button piercing/alphabet belly ring/name belly ring – customize it in a specialize method in the largest selection sale of a belly bar. Just purchase any of the alphabetical bars you are in search for! Initials are the ultimate in body jewelry which has given a significance importance to the piercing world.


  • Dolphin Belly Button Rings

    One of the hottest trends is the dolphin belly bar. Considers being the exceptionally hottest trend among other types of jewelries. The undoubted belly ring is available in many different colors to suit your style!The beautiful marine mammal is the wisdom of the sea! Get carried away with the fears and feel empower by the knowledge of the dolphin. This belly ring is a playful and fun accessory just like the original!


  • Kitty Face Belly Button Ring

    Get adorned with the kitty face belly button ring this season! It is one of the finest animal body jewelry. Good quality, unique styles flashing sexy belly button ring! A unique texture, you wouldn’t want to skip the opportunity!


  • Banana Belly Rings

    These are in the shape of curved barbells with balls at both ends and dangling jewelry can be attached to one end and these jewels can be of various shapes and designs with a wide variety of colors. They are cheap belly rings with free shipping and in constant demand because of the huge sex appeal it produces when worn on the belly piercing.

erotic belly button piercing

Why Do Some People Think of a Belly Button Piercing as An Erotic Form of Art?

Belly piercing is considerable to be an erotic art form and it also adds to the beauty and appeal of the woman’s navel. In addition, it has a huge demand worldwide. Women which probably adds piercing to their belly with this assortment of belly rings. In addition, it was from either sterling silver or surgical steel. They are also anodized with gold to add glamor and grandness to its visual appeal.

Women love to flaunt these belly rings to parties, family gatherings and even for daily wear and have a long product life. Belly button rings come as normal rings and others have either charms or jewels. Attaching to the visible ball of the barbell. These dangle belly button rings also provide glamor and elegance to women when worn.


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