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Curved Barbells

Curved Barbells

Curved barbells are popular as they are very easy to open and wear and are really comfortable to sleep in as well. Jewelry is craved for because of their ability to fit in any piercing such as belly, nose or eyebrow. Check out our wide range of jewelry and get shopping now.

If you want to look fashionable, there is something waiting beyond the realm of typical apparel and accessories—we are talking about piercings like Curved Barbells. This is the type of lifestyle accessory that instantly sets you apart from the crowd. Fusing fashion and a certain degree of individuality, this is the ideal choice for those who want to explore something beyond the usual options. Piercebody is a distinguished online hub for body jewelry. Just like premium Curved Barbells, this online platform is a notch better than the rest. It showcases never-tried-before piercing jewelry.

Handmade with affection, using designs driven by a lust for perfection and listed on the perfect wholesale platform for meeting global orders, our collection of Curved Barbell Jewelry comes with a huge advantage—the lowest online prices without allowing the quality to dip. Our assembly of Curved Barbells is a perfect brew of boutique designs highlighting fine craftsmanship and amazingly low wholesale prices. Thanks to our easy-to-scale business model, we are on track to emerge as the global leader in the niche of piercing fashion jewelry, especially for wholesale orders.

At Piercebody, our endeavor is reflected in the way we treat our customers.  We provide them with designer jewelry, each unit fully explained, discussing the product details and honest quotes about meeting wholesale orders. Using the direct-from-factory approach, we have been able to scale down the pricing whereas the production bandwidth continues to widen. The result is excellent piercing options, like Curved Barbells, that ooze true craftsmanship without being expensive. We follow the most stringent quality-assessment practices to ensure compliance with globally-recognized industrial standards in this segment.

Curved Barbells are perfect for Jewelry Fanatics

Being piercing experts, we admire body jewelry that comes with a scope for personalization. We attempt to deliver the most trending designs, including those sported by globally renowned celebrity artists at shockingly low prices. Curved Barbells is one such example where we have perfectly brewed bulk inventory with exclusive design and humble pricing. Having two self-locking conic ends and a curved shaft that come in motleys of colors, these Curved Barbells are easy to open and wear. Curved Barbells are easy to use and you don't need professional help to secure them once the piercing has been completed and you are familiar with the basics of this segment. Curved barbells at Piercebody are 100% sterile and 101% glamorous. Don't expect sober designers here. We offer attention-grabbers for Lip Piercing, Eyebrow Piercing, Navel Piercing and Nose Piercing. Our catalogue of fashion jewelry consists of the following in the Curved Barbell Jewelry segment:

  1. Anodized Curved Barbells – highly recommended for those who are sensitive to other metals
  2. 316 Surgical Steel Curved Barbells – great for eyebrow, nose and belly piercings
  3. 925 Sterling Silver Curved Barbells – one of the most craved jewelry famous for its sheen
  4. 14K Gold Curved Barbells – the most trending piercing option this season
  5. Titanium Curved Barbells – best known for enhancing your style without getting feeling worried about damaging your skin
  6. UV Curved Barbells – meant to shine in dimly-lit conditions and when partying late into the night
  7. Curved Barbells available in different shapes – balls and cones barbells at low wholesale prices

What makes us the Piercing Connoisseurs?

Each of our jewelry is meticulously crafted with an emphasis on ensuring consistency in quality – a critical parameter for wholesale orders. Our customer-centric approach keeps us ahead in the market. Our idea of providing a superior online shopping experience involves providing detailed product descriptions as well as collaborating with our customers to understand their buying mindset. We pursue pure product policy – you can feel assured about the use of high-grade materials that meet international standards for purity and environmentally-friendly practices.

Piercebody provides 100% sterile, premium quality body piercings. Curved Barbells are a heavily trending piercing adored by first-time piercers and the more seasoned piercing lifestyle followers.