Different Ear Gauge Flesh Tunnel Sizes and Designs

Various Ear Gauge Flesh Tunnel Sizes and Designs

Ear gauge flesh tunnels come in various sizes. Depending upon wearer’s ear size, one can choose the size of the ear gauge flesh tunnels stretchers. If a person needs his ears to be more stretched, then he can go for bigger ear gauge flesh tunnel sizes.

Ear plugs can be available in any material can be found easily in either Size 0 UV Light Green Inlay Screw Fit Flesh Tunnel or until 16mm flesh tunnel size. Perhaps, 10mm to 12mm stands to be one of the standard sizes for ear plug piercing.

Size 0 mm Flesh Tunnels

0 gauge or commonly called as heavy gauge body jewelry is slowly beginning to become a trend in the fashion industry these days. The 0 gauge dimension is “8mm x 12mm x 11mm” to be precise. The different types of ear piercings like  0 gauge barbells react under the UV light producing a light of its own. Thus making it a popular choice for parties.

12mm ss cz bezel set screw flesh tunnel size

These can be matched with any outfit too, as they are available in a multitude of colors. These are easy to wear and the easiest way to up the style quotient wherever you go. We have a wide range of Heavy Gauge Multi Color UV Straight Barbells to suit all your needs and meet your demands.

2mm Gauge Plugs

These plugs have 2mm flesh tunnel size. If one wants a light weight and small plugs, then this ear plugs could be used. These gauges are made of UV and have devil shaped images on both the sides of the plug. It is very comfortable when worn and gives a stylish fashionable look. It could be used with any costumes because of its smaller size.

12mm ear flesh tunnels

10mm Flesh Tunnel Size

Size 10 gauge ear plugs give a magnificent and charming look when worn. They have UV finish and has the good kind of images on both the sides which give a funky look 1 in plugs. Thus, when worn will sure make the user good looking and will give a classy look among the group of people. These quality items are threaded as shown and look great! 100% guarantee for quality and craftsmanship.

12mm double flared loaded ear flesh tunnel size

12mm Ear Gauge Size

Apart from 10mm being the standard size, the closest to get one of the most beautiful of the body piercing jewelry of an ear plug is a 12mm ear gauge plug. Piercebody offers the wildest modification in thousands of styles in 12mm size.

In addition, the styles can be capture clearance collections, bestselling and closeouts or new arrivals.There are various designs of unique, elegant and classy steel single flare. It is with the amazing style and quality of ear flesh tunnel surface barbell in silicone ear plugs flesh starter, crystal flesh plugs.

10mm multicolor flesh tunnel size

20mm Ear Gauge Flesh Tunnel Sizes

The largest size for a flesh tunnel size for ear plugs jewelry 20mm. Piercebody.com offers the classic ear gauge pieces in 20mm in different types of piercings for style and preference. Piercebody also features the excellence of the ear gauge in its own style known as UV transparent multi-jeweled ear flesh tunnel.
20mm of flesh tunnel size is the most popular ear plugs in Australia. They prefer a large range of Flesh Tunnels. It is a soft and flexible silicone, so it is light and fitting. You may feel them like a part of your skin and you can barely know that you’re wearing them.

flesh tunnel sizes

Piercebody.com provides the coolest and the most elegant collections of different ear gauge flesh tunnel sizes. Our body jewelry store offers the finest quality of body piercing jewelry. Piercebody offers the best body piercing jewelry from anodized ear plug to silicon ear plugs. They provide an affordable jewelry price either in wholesale body jewelry or retail body jewelry.

Piercebody.com is also offering a clearance sale with discounted price. This body jewelry store offers an exceptionally unique piece of in internally screw fit tunnels. They feature in the different style of 12mm ear expanders and wholesale ear gauges. The ear plug stands to be in special price to the bestselling as well as different materials.

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