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Look funky and 100% stylish as you slip on a pair of plug-in tunnel ear expanders! Our range includes fake wholesale plugs and tunnels ear expanders in a plethora of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. These fashionable ear expanders can make your ears look bigger and more stylish than ever. Try any of them shown on our webpage for a cool and casual look this season.

Bringing the Wholesale Price Advantage of Plug-In Expanders

Fashion accessories can enhance your appearance, express your lifestyle choices or just be a part of your everyday attire. From complementing different outfits to being a soulful attachment, body piercings provide plenty of options. However, there is something unique about ear piercings, particularly expanders, tunnels and plugs. For starters, these are not your typical fashion piercings. They are meant for the more seasoned body piercing followers. While the piercing marketplace is being flooded with standard designs, desperately trying to look bold, we have sorted the best in this segment to ensure you get the option of high-street ear piercing options and more elaborate, lifestyle defining ear tunnels with wholesale pricing advantage.

Resetting the Benchmarks for Ear Piercings – this is more than fashion!

Plug-in ear expanders pave the way for serious ear piercings. We don't look at this as street-style piercings, as per the contemporary norms. We believe ear plugs and expanders are a very personal choice. The body is a canvas and every individual can explore options to create an artistic profile. You will come across some unconventional designs here, some with rich colors and others that are more restrained in terms of overall style. Adding ear expanders is not about updating your wardrobe—it is more than a fashion accessory. We understand this and thus, this collection has been updated by consulting seasoned body piercing devotees and body artists.

How do we deliver the wholesale pricing advantage?

At Piercebody.com, you get the latest designer body piercing jewelry at bulk rates with a ready-to-ship inventory. Our emerging bestsellers include an unending list of plug-in ear expanders. We are often asked how we do this. 

  1. We are an established designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of fashionable body jewelry. Our decade-long experience in this niche means unmatched expertise.
  2. Our team is not heavy on college graduates but body art loyalists, folks who have spent years in deciphering how piercings and body jewelry can be a liberating experience.
  3. We understand our consumer demographic rather well. Therefore, our designs are more organic, i.e. first-time designs, uninfluenced by the standard, boring offerings.
  4. From single unit purchases to the wholesale platform, our online platform promises market-best prices.
  5. Direct-to-consumer practices eliminate undue costs due to intervening platforms.

The wholesale pricing advantage is the result of our unique production distribution system. We are increasingly making our supply chain more cost-effective to sustain the lower-than-market pricing advantage. You get the latest in plug-in ear expansion jewelry, now ready to be shipped to an international destination!

Why Piercebody is the benchmark in wholesale jewelry market?

We deliver on our promise of:

  1. Skin-friendly Silicone Plugs-Tunnels-Tapers with gem stones in variety of colors
  2. Gem-studded Surgical Steel Plugs-tunnels-Tapers for beginners
  3. Fake Pyrex Glass Ear Plugs that don’t cause irritation
  4. Shining UV Plug Tunnel Tapers for the partying lifestyle
  5. Anodized Rainbow Flesh Tunnels popular for its healing effects

Piercebody.com is a leading wholesaler of body piercing jewelry for men and women. It is making giant strides in the online piercing jewelry marketplace, now positioned to dominate the market. From premium to everyday wear jewelry and emerging piercing designs, this platform has everything you seek—with the assurance of the highest, discounted prices!

Piercebody is boutique in its quality-focused approach despite having the perfect bulk order processing setup. We are fully committed to providing a superior online shopping experience to our customers. Our customer care team collaborates with you to guide you towards a better selection. Explore this section for the most exclusive deals on body piercing jewelry…!