What is the correct belly button piercing?

Belly button piercing, also known as naval piercing is a kind of piercing which is done in or around the navel. Navel piercing has become pretty popular these days, especially among the young generation. It takes minimum 6-8 weeks to heal and it heals even more quickly if the pierced part is kept clean.

In this type of piercing, the actual navel is not pierced. In fact, the most popular type of belly button piercing is through the upper rim of the navel.

Various kinds of bar or ring jewelry are worn in a belly button piercing. Navel piercings are often done with simple curved barbells, captive bead rings or barbells with dangling pendants.

How to make a correct belly button piercing?

Before you start with your piercing, you need to have some knowledge regarding the movement of the needle. So, it is better to use a body ink marker to mark the exit and entrance locations of the needle. A gap of 1 cm between the pierced hole and navel is generally recommended.

Steps to make a correct belly button piercing:

  1. Make sure that you have the appropriate equipments for navel piercing; otherwise the piercing might become wrong resulting in severe infection. For navel piercing in the safest way, you need to have:
  • A 14 gauge piercing needle which is properly sterilized
  • A 14 gauge sterilized navel ring made from titanium, stainless steel or bioplast
  • Some alcohol wipes
  • A body ink marker
  • A sterilized piercing clamp
  • Some cotton balls


  1. Wear latex gloves which are sterilized.
  2. Mark the position in or around the navel where you want your piercing to be done. You can use a hand-held mirror to see whether the marks you made are properly aligned. You should do this only in a standing posture.
  3. Put some antiseptic lotion or cream over the piercing area to prevent any sort of infection.
  4. If you are really scared of the pain, you can apply numb gel over the area where you want to do the piercing.
  5. Pinch the fold of the skin you want to pierce, with piercing clamp.
  6. Stretch the skin taut properly and push the piercing needle through in a rapid motion, followed by the piercing jewelry which you want to wear.
  7. Make sure that the jewelry is in the right position by securing the end of the jewelry.
  8. Try to avoid wearing belts, tight jeans, pantyhose or skirts as they will cause friction with the jewelry thereby delaying the process of healing.

You can also get your belly button piercing done by a professional.

While choosing a piercing booth, make sure that the shop maintains high levels of cleanliness and the piercer possesses his own autoclave. A knowledgeable piercer will assist you in choosing the right type of jewelry to fit your belly button piercing that will be best for quick healing.

Take deep breaths and remain relaxed completely during the procedure of piercing and your piercing will be done in just a few seconds without causing you much pain.

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Author: Aaron Benson

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