Wholesale Captive Bead Rings

Wholesale Captive Bead Rings

Checkout our vast collection of Wholesale body piercing jewelry with the captive bead ring section including the anodized, jeweled, gold and steel rings; choose what works best for your skin and style.

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24 Item(s)

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Stunning Captive Beads Rings at Wholesale Prices

Welcome to the Wholesale fashion capital of online boutique-styled piercing jewelry!

Focusing on the very latest in piercing supplies, including accessories, we provide countless options to our discerning customers at wholesale prices. The latest in our wholesale jewelry ensembles is the ever-glamorous Captive Bead Rings. Striving to be the best form of piercing jewelry option, these captive rings can compete with any other piercing because of its uniqueness. You can explore our catalog of precisely hand-crafted bead rings in various shapes, sizes and designs. Our bulk inventory is ready to be shipped to an address of your choice – we await your order!

A Brief Guide about Captive Bead Rings…

A captive bead ring (CBR) fits snugly into the piercing. Our captive rings are annealed for easy opening. The beads are slightly larger and have small indentations or depressions for easy fitting. This popular piece of piercing conveniently allows wearing it, irrespective of any skin sensitivity.  Available in a vast range of colors and designs, each of our Wholesale Captive Bead Rings are beautiful— the result of true craftsmanship.

Top 3 Reasons to Shop Wholesale Captive Rings from Us

1. Fall in love with our Bead Ring Collection: Our collection of CBR includes 316 Surgical Steel that shields your skin against allergies and irritation. We also use Titanium that is best for slow-healing piercings and G23 grade Anodized Rings at very low factory prices.

2. Our customer-centric attitude defines our approach: Being customer-centric is visible in every facet of our business, right from accurate product details to quick shipping and delivery network, ensuring our clients are never discomforted.

3. Direct-from-factory Price Range: This approach keeps us ahead in the marketplace as we show transparency in our pricing policy and eliminate third party involvement. This is what drives our industry-best wholesale model.

Why are we the best option to fulfill your wholesale jewelry needs?

At Piercebody, you will find an ever growing collection of Wholesale body piercing jewelry made from high-grade materials that our customers love. But it doesn't just stop there! We have the ability to deliver a huge pricing advantage, uniqueness in designs and the ability to scale-up the production as per client requirements. We pride ourselves for delivering excellent customer service and amazing wholesale prices. You will seldom find trustworthy online platforms providing such a diverse range of designer jewelry!

  1. We ensure special care in selecting quality crystals that are treated to ensure that they create positive energies
  2. We are now a global shipping enterprise with production, warehousing and shipping networks across different continents
  3. We follow the most stringent quality-assessment practices to ensure compliance with globally-recognized industrial parameters
  4. Expect 100% sterile and premium materials to ensure safety of your skin

We aim to serve our customers huge pricing and quality advantage on a platter. The beautiful collection of Wholesale CBR piercings is a testament to this fact. We are an online, one-stop-store for the latest piercing supplies, including captive bead rings and accessories…