Colorful and Stylish Cartilage Earrings That’s Suitable for You

Cartilage earring is one of the most attractive jewelries in fashion today. The earrings come in a wide variety of components such as metal, crystals, stones, glass or even plastic. These are very colorful and form the best accessory for any kind of outfit. In addition with colorful stone studs, Swarovski and other crystals, it uses in making the earrings. These earrings come in all sizes and can be chosen based on the size of the size of the lobe.

Cartilage Earrings

Ear piercing has been glamorized and made funky with the launch of these new fox logo ear cartilages. These are made up of surgical steel with great workmanship and are made shining bright and are highly durable for long term usage. They have the UV properties of glowing in the dark and is visually stunning I huge and small gatherings.

Cartilage Earrings Designs

ear piercing designs

Our body jewelry emphasizes on custom designs, textures, and unique styles. With a wide array collections from earring cartilage clip-on, nose rings clear nose, belly rings and lip piercing jewelry. It also includes eyebrow rings, dermal piercing jewelry, curved barbells clear barbells, and tragus piercing jewelry. Helix piercing jewelry, cartilage jewelry, tongue bars spider tongue and more.  With many designs to choose from, there is no Clear nose ring excuse to let your wardrobe go stale!

Plugs for ears has never been more fun and artistic with this new range of industrial piercing aids. They are made with surgical steel and UV material mixed to get that glow in the dark effect and they have a fox drawing as the logo in white handmade painting which has a unique appeal in the dark.

Cartilage Earrings designs

These artistic handmade industrial piercing aids are in constant demand because of the varied designs and discounted prices. They are very safe and user friendly with high durability for longer use. It can also be a gift for love ones. People visiting clubs and events with wild fashion sense will love this earring.

Does Getting a Cartilage Earring Hurts?

The cartilage piercing usually attaches on the upper portion of the external ear. These are usually complex to perform as compared to the earlobe piercing and take a while to heal.Every rook piercing pain and it also depends on a person’s tolerance. Either, the feel is like an ant bite or it exceeds the limit.

jeweled cartilage earrings

However, cartilage earrings jewelry certainly hurt but the painful is already tolerable if we want to have that particular piercing tragus jewellery anodized barbell. And also the most delicate part of the body that requires extra care and precautions before and after piercing. Cartilage Rook ring piercing include auricle piercing, conch piercing, tragus ear piercing, rook piercing tragus bar, helix piercing, snug piercing and many more other varieties.


Cartilage earring accessories like circular barbells, steel rings, black line cartilage rings, rook rings ear cuffs, fake ear plugs, cartilage plugs stretched cartilage rings,rook and tragus gold and silver plated rings etc. Check out our fantastic ranges of these ear cartilage earrings.

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