Wood Solid Organic Ear Plug

You have been wearing jewelry since your childhood that has been made from gold/silver/platinum/surgical steel and such materials. How about wearing something made of a completely different raw material this time? Wood. Yes, jewelry items made of wood are unique and they have a different appeal. Moreover, wood jewelry items are eco-friendly as well. Jewelry items made from wood are also known as organic jewelry items because it is made from naturally occurring resources- the wood. These are quite famous among modern jewelry enthusiasts and are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Ear plugs are one type of body jewelry which is quite famous among piercing enthusiasts.
Wood organic solid ear plug is an excellent option for piercing because it is light in weight allowing less pain and strain on the chosen body part. Bamboo is the most popular wood chosen to shape jewelry items like plugs. Bamboo can be shaped easily and is quite safe to be worn as well. It is soft wood and is great as the raw material for jewelry items unlike majority of woods. However, some other types of woods are also used to prepare jewelry items. The wood jewelry items are generally painted with different colors to provide them with variety.
This particular item has been crafted from 3 different types of woods making it appear distinct and prominent from afar. You can make out the different wood colors from the plug which makes it a unique piece. If you have always wanted to be different then here is your chance. This fantastic multi wood solid organic ear plug will give you that edge over the others. Moreover, it is offered in 2 sizes- 22,24mm and at an affordable price by piercebody. This wood ear plug will make you stand out in a crowd.
Wooden jewelry initially was only available as anklets, necklaces and amulets. But as it is gaining in popularity day by day jewelry designers are experimenting more and more with wood. Today earrings, bracelets, bangles, ear plugs and cuffs all come in wood. Wooden jewelry has come a long way to become acceptable to the modern fashionista. Ear plugs are absolutely fashion, modern, trendy and to some body piercing enthusiasts the ultimate in ear piercing. To have a wood ear plug for modification is almost like a body art wherein you have used your imagination to make yourself look different but beautiful at the same time.

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