Wood Ear Plug

Looking good is important for you, no doubt, but how are you going to ensure that? Putting on stylish and expensive clothes is not the only solution here. You do have to take care of minor aspects too. Wearing jewelry has long been part of personal adornment and the youngsters of today are not opposed to it either. However, opting for gold, silver, and other precious metals may not always be possible especially when you are young and just embarking on a career. Investing all your savings in one tiny diamond stud is certainly not going to be wise here.

It is time to think out of the box now and opt for something that looks attractive and does not cost you an arm and leg. What can be more appropriate than wood in this case? This completely natural material can be carved into beautiful shapes and using them on your ear piercings make it worthwhile. You do not require a great deal of processing when it comes to chunky ear plugs made of wood either. A quick polish and a spray of color is all you need to obtain the finished product. The result is 100% jewelry that heightens your beauty like never before.

You will not have to travel with security in your mind when you are all bejeweled and ready to go too. The price is the best part of this magnificent work of art in wood, however. You can definitely be assured of the best deal by logging into piercebody.com and taking a look at the spectacular array of ear plugs there. $3.39 is enough for you to let out an admiring whistle that becomes even more pronounced as you look at the umpteen varieties in size available for this very cost effective product. You can get to highlight your beautiful ear piercing in an enchanting way when you see the sheer range of sizes available. From 6mm to 16mmm! Wow! You can now opt for a bigger size simply by paying a miniscule amount of $0.79 extra for each pair.

Take a good look at the natural finish of the ear plug as well. The design magnifies the beauty of wood that no amount of synthetic processing can imbibe. Add the functionality of being light on your ears no matter what the size as well as its no harm property to your skin piercing and you will be convinced that you have picked a winner.

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