A whole array of fresh designs

If you are one of those getting bored over your old trove of accessories, plunge into our new arrival section that has so much to offer for you. Browse through the rich plethora of designs from Barbels to  Labrets , then nose pins to belly button rings, we have all that your bohemian heart could yearn for. Our new collection has accessories made from precious to affordable metals. You can choose from our gold collection or even buy any of our steel jewelleries that are so apt for the modern woman. The new arrivals are filled with new and quirky designs that have been crafted with utmost care and perfection. Our designers have literally experimented with designs and produced some revolutionary stuff that would give you a new style statement.

Get your right birthstone to enhance your luck
The birthstone collection in our new arrival section is one of the best. Gleaming with stunning designs, wear your right birth stone to bring good luck! We have our pallet collection where you will get a whole host of your birthstones, so that even if you lose one, it can easily be replenished. We also have a whole range of pierce-able studs that are made of high quality surgical metals. Pick any one of these, you have designs like double toned diamond studs, or even hand painted lady bird studs.

Get adventurous
Shed all your inhibition and try our designs in navel rings, nipple piercings, tongue piercings and so many more! Set yourself sizzling with our splendid collection of accessories. The tiny butterfly eyebrow ring crafted so exquisitely out of gold is something that you cannot resist. If you want to set the stage on fire, do not miss this opportunity to gift yourself with this unique piece of jewel. If you have a zesty attraction for animals, you can buy any of our crazy animal eye brow accessories like the gold plated lizard eyebrow ring or the gold scorpion eyebrow ring.

A rich stock of traditional jewelleries
Apart from the quirky stuff that is just right for the bohemian soul, we also have a great many traditionally crafted pieces that can adorn you. From the classic floral nose pins to the exquisitely designed pendants and finger rings we have everything to fill your appetite. So happy shopping!

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