Affordable and Stylish Gold Body Jewelries

Gold body jewelries have always been very delicate and a sensitive process, but it’s all been made very easy and user-friendly with these exciting new models of eyebrow jewelry. These are in the shape of straight and circular barbells. It is also from using healthy surgical steel eyebrow and suitable for regular usage with no drawbacks.

Eyebrow jewelry is now a custom for many women and people who are into the wild party scenes also love these body jewels as they are compact, unique and cheap. They are loved by women because of the added jewelry like gems, colored stones which increase their sex appeal.


gold circullar barbell

14K Gold

14k gold is one of the best things in the fashion industry these days. They come in many crazy designs to bring out the quirky side of you. Curved UV steel barbells come in two colors, yellow and white gold.  These also come at affordable prices to make it easily accessible for everyone. Not only are these soothing on the skin, but add a touch of grace to our look and help you make heads turn wherever you go.  These curved barbells and eyebrow rings with offbeat designs on gold plating will make you appear glamorous and attract the right amount of attention to your personality


18K Gold

Stylish, comfortable, skin –friendly, hard-wearing body jewelry plated with 18k gold available in designs of animals, reptiles, clown, cross, devil’s axe and tribal designs will simply take your breath away.

Fashioned out the surgical steel eyebrow rings with 18K gold. These beautiful eyebrow rings can definitely help you to make your style statement and impress your friends at the same time. While you are perfectly entitled to select a safer and time-tested option of butterflies or hearts or stars to adorn your eyebrow, it is the weird shapes of leaping frogs, arrow heads and crocodiles along with the evil looking gothic skull that can help you make a difference.

18K Gold



Advantage of Choosing Gold Body Jewelries

Gold has always the most trusted, durable and the most popular metal for jewelry items. There are hardly other metals which can match the glitter and of gold which makes it the number one in metals.

There is no other metal that can beat its popularity even after so many years. It remains steeped in tradition and can appeal to the modern generation as well. It, therefore, makes complete sense to fashion various accessories out of gold. Gold makes you look vibrant and therefore its demand never subsides.


Various Types of Gold Body Jewelries

Here are some of the varieties in which gold body jewelry items are available here.

  • Flesh Tunnels

    gold flesh tunnel

  • Ear Plugs
    gold ear plug

  • Ear Expanders

    gold ear expander

  • Plated Eyebrow Rings
    gold eyebrow jewelries

  • Gold Nose Ring

    gold nose ring


The exciting new range is sure to make you fall in love with its variety. Non-toxic, light weighted and anti-rust gold products are also extremely skin friendly. has shown the way to enhancing your look with gold jewelry that has a universal appeal without being dated. Ears, nose, navel, lips, or eyebrows there simply isn’t a body piercing that can escape gold especially when you want to enhance your glamor quotient.


Author: Anuradha

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