What You Need to Know About Vibrating Tongue Piercing

Today, vibrating tongue piercing is a very popular way of self-expression and self-adornment around the globe. This body jewelry comes in a variety of striking shapes. These days, piercings are a personal choice and it is timeless and classic. In this era, body piercing considers to be stunning, fashionable and also a bold statement. Each piece of the tongue piercing jewelry blends in beautifully with the hot trends of the moment. Therefore, this is the only chance to go wild with your favorite vibrating tongue piercing styles with the variant choices of glitter, swirls, beach stripes, marble patterns, checkers and disco balls. Checkers, waves, hearts, and swirls are the first of a few sweet designs you can choose.

Vibrating tongue jewelry is a new and latest innovation in the world of tongue piercing. The vibrating tongue piercing is available in different styles and designs. Somebody who loves fashionable body piercing must be aware of tongue rings and bars but the innovation of vibrating jewelry has brought with it vibrating tongue bars and vibrating tongue rings.

Tongue rings have been a ritual in the ancient times and are not a modern invention. But in the modern times, the tongue rings are considered to be cool fashion such as vibrator tongue piercing. It is a form of body piercing that is gaining new popularity. Each passing day develops vibrating tongue rings to be the craze of an upward trend.

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Why Do You Need a Vibrating Tongue Piercing Jewelry?

vibrating tongue barbell is a unique and very interesting piece of body jewelry. It brings unforgettable intense pleasure and is also a form of a micro massager. It is a small little sexy device made of 316l surgical steel. This battery operated jewelry is powerfully made to be comfortable and fun for everyone. This vibrating tongue barbell can deliver an experience that goes beyond ordinary oral stimulation.

A vibrating tongue ring has a small motor inside and works with batteries that last for about an hour and the vibrations are controllable. The vibrating tongue rings are sexy body jewelry.

Vibrating Tongue Bars and Rings

The best vibrating tongue ring is the Vibe Master Tongue ring. It is a straight barbell of size 12g but quite easily fits into a 14g piercing as well. A vibrating tongue ring usually enhances the oral sex experience. The Vibe Master Tongue ring is the most powerful vibrating ring and increases the fun to higher levels. It is usually made of surgical stainless steel. In the recent times, many guys and girls are sporting a Vibe Master ring in their tongue vow vibrator.

A vibrating tongue bar or vibrating tongue ring is the same as the tongue ring or bar with the difference of it has batteries attached to it so that it can vibrate. The vibrations in most vibrating tongue jewelry are adjustable and one can increase and decrease them as per one’s wishes.  Young boys and girls are more into vibrating tongue rings and bars because they believe that these pieces enhance the thrill of kissing beside making them look chic and sexy.

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Surgical Steel Vibrating Tongue Ring

Body piercing has never been more fun and exciting with this new range of Vibrating tongue rings. It is made of clean 316L durable surgical steel with no side effects when worn. They are in the shape of straight barbells and they are unique, compact and user-friendly. These tongue rings are in demand as they are cheap and funky. People love this piece of jewelry. Either women or men can wear these vibrator tongue rings and it creates a tingling sensation in the tongue which many will love. It also used to tease loved ones when used during kissing. These modern piercing aids are a trend among the younger generation.


Available in 2 sizes, our body piercing jewelry store brings an outstanding vibrating tongue piercing collection. It’s not only vibrant but also an elegant piece for those who have a feel for the vibrating tongue piercing.

Vibrating Jewelry on Private Parts

The common question is can a vibrator be used after genital piercing? Since this kind of piercing, whether labia, Christina piercing heals quickly. Apart from certain minor side effects like dizziness and blood level rising and falling, there is no such after effects. So a piercing vibrator can be used at ease with a little bit caution while indulging in this painful pleasure act.

Body piercing can be so much fun especially if one tries experimenting with piercing the hidden body parts. However, the aftercare regimen should be followed strictly in order to avoid any skin or tissue damage. In fact, these kinds of piercings are less painful and heal quickly. The accessories range available in online stores is innumerable and sold at prices quite reasonable. To provide extra pleasure these accessories are fitted with a vibrator in order to indulge in painful pleasure.

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Where to Find a Safe Vibrating Tongue Piercing?

 Only at Piercebody.com, you can choose the wide variety of materials 316L Surgical Steel Grade in different sizes: 14g – 16mm, 12G-16mm. The powerful battery operated a collection of the vibrating tongue jewelry.

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