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Apart from being a latest fashion fad, body piercing has a very significant place in history. Today’s fashion was an ancient times’ ritual. In the ancient times people went for different kinds of body piercing tongue balls like nose piercing, navel piercing, tongue piercings etc.Web tongue


Tongue Barbell with 4 Free Scorpian Logo Ball           Tongue Barbell with 4 Free Logo Ball         316L Tongue Barbell with UV Acrylic Balls


The tongue piercing barbell balls has become a favorite with the teens and the youth these days BALL UVB. They find it stylish and fun toung rings. They are all fashion conscious and nothing else can render a more ultra modern and chic look than a good body piercing 3%22 barbell.


Tongue Barbell with Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball         Star Ticklers and Steel Tongue Barbells          925 Silver Tongue Ring


Tongue piercing logo labret can be done with different kind of tongue jewelry like tongue ball, tongue barbell, vibrating tongue barbell.

Vow Vibrator Tongue Ring   

Vibrating tongue bars and the vibrating tongue barbells are fitted with batteries. The vibrations from the vibrating jewelry can
be controlled as these are adjustable. The vibrating piercing jewelry for the tongue is safe and can be made of all kinds of metal but the most popular one is the jewelry that is made from surgical steel.

There are many online stores that deal with all kinds of tongue jewelry and one can easily make their purchase from them.

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