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Distinctive jewelry worn by piercing various body parts has been done since the ancient times. People belonging to all periods, ages and sexes have pierced their body to adorn it with myriad jewelry. Although it somewhat subsided in time, now it has returned with a new fervor.

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Piercing the tongue and decking it up with jewelry has become a rage these days. Many celebrities are doing this and as such, the number of common people the following suit is multiplying day by day. An advantage of tongue piercing is that they cannot be easily seen. Straight tongue barbells, studs are the most commonly preferred tongue jewelry. They are available with us in every possible color, shape, and size.


How to do it?

The piercing applies by certified professional personnel only. The procedure for tongue piercing begins by the piercer checking for any large blood vessels under the tongue where they’ll insert the needle. The piercer generally uses forceps to hold the tongue in position while inserting a needle. Swelling of the tongue after the piercing is common and so it is nothing alarming. The healing time is usually 4-6 weeks. However, you need to follow a strict regimen is for timely recovery:

  • Taking adequate care
  • Placing crushed ice on the area
  • Avoiding spicy food, alcohol, smoking
  • After full healing, the existing jewelry should replace with a new one.

If there is an infection, then you should take an immediate medical consultation and antibiotics.

Fashionable Piercings for Tongue

Tongue piercing is applicable by both males and females. It is one of the quickest healing and least painful piercings piercing for the check. The most common piercing is one single piercing in the middle of the tongue. Two piercings horizontally, again two piercings one right in front of the other, bar going horizontally through the tip of the tongue. Tongue piercings have now become a fad with the people and when you decide to join the bandwagon shop with us to get the best and safest ornament for it.


Author: Aaron Benson

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