Unique Designs of Stylish Ear Jewelry Collection

Ear jewelry is a fashion statement that you see these days. More and more teens are trying several forms of body jewelry to look trendy and chic. Earrings are a special piece of jewelry that adds elegance and style.Plugs, Tunnels, and expanders belong to the most popular ear jewelry collection. They are made from surgical steel and used to pierce the flesh of ears and they are lightweight.

These piercing rings include authentic tunnel expander, plugs, tunnels and more. They come in small sizes and are hygienic and they do not corrode. These ear jewelry collections are with various gems, stones, and pearls and they take omens glamour to a whole new level. They are a style statement in parties and gatherings.

Ear jewelry piercings are now available in many designs with numerous options so it incorporates all features in one body jewel.

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Types of Ear Jewelry Piercings

Gold Ear Jewelry

Though you can find ear jewelry in different styles and different metals, none can replace Gold. Gold ear jewelry is very elegant and classy. In addition, it perfectly blends with almost any look. You can get classic 14K ear gold to adorn with colorful stones. You can choose from different ear jewelry design from gold ear hoops to gold ear pins. Your ear piercing jewelry at the affordable price comes in chic and impressive designs.

Though there are earrings made from different metals, those made up of Gold earring stand out of the rest. Gold has its unique charm and glow that attracts everyone’s attention. They are the perfect piece of jewelry to choose if you desire to have a timeless style.

You can get amazing designs in gold earrings ranging from simple studs to hoops, earrings with floral designs, stones studded earnings and much more. They are also safe to use and are ideal for those with sensitive skin. Gold earring allergies are very rare, and thus it is the best option to consider when buying earrings. These beautiful gold earrings are excellently crafted in best quality gold that helps it to last for long.

Surgical Steel Ear Jewelry

Surgical steel is an extremely high-grade metal as its name suggests. The metal is highly usable in the medical profession where safety and hygiene are at a premium. If it interests you to buy an ear jewelry piercing collection to have a unique and fashionable look, it is better you buy the one from surgical steel. It is safe to use, durable and is available on an inexpensive budget as well.

Ear Surgical steel jewelry is renowned for its amazing shine and luster. You can find various designs of unique ear jewelry made from surgical steel ear jewelry and several others at factory prices.

Silicone Ear Jewelry

No matter how pretty your evening dress is or how you have teamed it with a hot pair of stilettos, your look will never be perfect without a pair of silicone earrings. Though there are many types of earrings made from various materials, it’s silicone earrings that girls going crazy over. They are available in both studs and dangling types. They come in a mind boggling variety. These last longer and are inexpensive too and go well with any outfit you wear. Be it going out to a party or a casual day at work. These pairs of silicone earrings always come in handy as they are easy to wear and can be matched with any outfit.

UV Earrings

UV Stud earrings add sparkle and charm to your glowing face. You can wear an elegant pair of earrings and stay stunning. For special night-time events, these UV earrings are idyllic accessories to wear. These are the simplest yet so decorative piece of ear jewelry.

These rings are made from top quality UV material. It doesn’t cause irritation to your skin and would radiantly glow in the dark. These come in amazing varieties of designs, attractive color combinations which look vivacious in the dark. UV ear jewelry piercings are available in several fancy shapes as well and are available at lowest price.

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Fake Ear Piercing

Fake piercings have always been in demand because for the purpose of stretching. The piercing is more stylish and wearable at all times with these new fake taper spiral ear plugs. They are made with acrylic glass which is flexible and durable and suitable for regular wear. The components used are mainly steel and UV materials which provide the glow in the dark.

  • Fake Taper

The fake taper ear plugs are made with multiple colors mixed into the materials. They also have a long shelf life with daily use and come with jaw dropping discounts. Women love these jewels because it elevates their beauty to a whole new level.

Fake ear taper makes this design funkier and likable. It also took to a whole new level of artistry with the combination of UV materials mixed with surgical steel as well. They are hygienic to wear and they have the shape of a spiral bent stud. This new design is loved by women, because of the glowing feature in the dark. These UV fake ear tapers are loved by women who flaunt their ear piercing with style and elegance. These are suitable for daily wear along with events and parties. They are on huge discounts and can be gifted to friend and family.

  • Fake Plugs

This range of fake plugs has been made with hygienic surgical steel and UV materials. They have a glow in the dark feature and high durability and strength. They have a long shelf life and loved by men and women. Fake plugs use for formal and casual occasions, and suitable for any wear because of the numerous designs available. They have huge discounts that deliver free worldwide, hence the huge customer base. They can be a gift to friends and loved ones who love this body piercing art.

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Unique Designs of Ear Jewelry


 Hollow Tunnels Piercing

Ear jewelry piercing has been made popular with the growing demand and the trending fashion in ear piercing. These 25mm tunnel ear piercings are made with the surgical steel of high-grade material. They have no ill effects on the skin and have a long life. These are available in sizes from 8mm and various gauges are also available.

Women and men love this hollow tunnel piercing because of the simple design and artistic work involved. These are with front screw fittings and are available at cheap prices.

Gothic Ear Jewelry

Ear piercing has always been common among women and recently now men seemingly find a new love. This designer fake plug has artistic designs and unique craftsmanship. They are in constant demand because of the huge fan following and huge discounts.

Fake plugs are user-friendly and available in all sizes and designs with Myriad colors in them. Either women or men flaunt them too. They are wearable to clubs, events, and parties and even for daily wear and tear. They are a combination of surgical steel and UV materials to give the glow in the dark appeal which adds to the sex appeal and make them a must buy.

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Costume Earrings

At our web store, we understand the difficulties you might face when having to pick the perfect pair of costume earrings to go with your outfit. This is why we have come up with an awesome and exclusive collection of costume earrings.

Our range of wild costume earrings include earrings made from beads, colorful stones encased in surgical steel. The advantage of using surgical steel is not only cost effective but also unharmful to your skin. It doesn’t cause any kind of skin irritation. These earrings are also available in glass material for an edgier look and are available in many shapes, designs, and varieties.

Bone, Horn, Wood Ear Jewelry Design

Lightweight and naturally made bone, horn, wood jewelry is unique in its own way. It provides a great benefit, which helps in reducing odor, oil, and sweat around your stretched piercing. Piercebody features horn and bone jewelry from animals, which halts for food by other animals.

The bodies of these animals use to make some awesome designs. Beautifully handcrafted ear plugs, rings, earrings, etc., are available on the site, which is unique in its own way. We aim to provide you comfortable ear jewelry with good traditional designs and high quality in full harmony with nature. These jewelry are homemade with love and full attention.


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