Flawlessly Stunning Crystal Jewelry Collection

Crystals make the best stone to show off your new body piercing in a style that can enhance your appeal. From tongue studs, barbells and exciting earrings to exotic navel rings, there is no dearth of beautiful crystal stud jewelry.

The jewelry requirements of the modern youths change significantly. People today largely incline to the jewelry which bears a concept in them. Modern jewelry is always for use for all body parts with a very beautiful concept around. Our body piercing jewelry store gives an exceptionally great welcome in bringing the luxurious selections crystal jewelry collection! Be it “angry bird” charm, or any other crystal body piercing jewelry logos. Perhaps, they are one of the most tasteful styles to glam up the attire.

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Swarovski Crystals

It’s time to give the hugely overrated and expensive gold and silver jewelry a miss. This happens because of the beautiful Swarovski crystals as an alternative. You can choose between the exquisite pendant and earring sets and step out in style whenever you want!

Unique Concepts of Crystal Body Jewelry

These jewelry are based on unique concepts like fruits, shark, multi crystal stones, and gems studded, colorful designs, etc.  These unique concepts can allow individuals to select the best one according to the needs and requirements. These body jewelry display an affordable yet stunning stylish at the same time.

crystal jewelry collection

Different Crystal Jewelry Collection Designs

 Body piercing is an art and has been trending over the years with a huge variety of models and forms. The specialty that is made with clear quality crystal stone jewelry collection is available in a wide range of colors and designs. This crystal piercing jewelry is available in tongue barbells, Labrets, eyebrow banana, stone ball crystal necklaces and even accessories for mobile phones. It is made by the innovative minds with the best technology available. Crystal piercing jewelry has a huge demand among women especially because of the glamor and style. The property of crystal makes a perfect gift and gives away during weddings and events.


1. Crystal Home Décor

Having a cute lion or leopard on your bed side table or chicken displaying in the living room is enormously fulfilling. Thanks to the brilliant crystal jewelry set in having these beautiful pieces. They are sure to elevate your home in more ways than one. Be sure to pick up a few when you are in a shopping mood.

Crystal is used to making fancy dolls, miniature statues and models of animals along with other styles also. It is being used for decorating and increasing the visual appeal of one’s home and offices. The fancy collection is made by clear cut crystal and has been designed with attention to detail. It has great color combinations and the artwork involved is breath-taking hence these are fine Crystal fancy collections. These Crystal jewelry collection sets can serve as gifts for weddings, birthdays, and other events and also for corporate prizes. It is said that presence of crystal at homes attracts positive vibrations and energy. It also illuminates the area in which it is present.

2. Designer Ear Crystal Jewelry Collection

Our incredible crystal ear collection design is the latest trend of ear ornament design. It has been one of the most in demand variety of traditional and contemporary design. This body piercing jewelry genuinely meets and fits the style in every personality.

The Austrian crystal ear piercing studs are based on designs where jewelry lovers get inspired by the collections. Nothing is more important than earrings to change the beauty of the face. Either in plain or jeweled of 16G-5/16″-3mm by size, this piercing is a diversity of personal taste. This is a part of life to make even more interesting and the eyebrow piercing has spread beyond a few sub culture. This offer a unique style of the collection for the for ear piercing jewelry!

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3. Belly Ring Crystal Jewelry Collection

Silver crystal belly ring is the best-selling navel rings belly. Manufactured from the excellent quality that emphasizes on custom designs, textures, unique styles. The most unique is a crystal reverse belly ring which stands out to be different in a fancy jeweled dangling belly flower. Today, crystal belly ring has become astonishingly popular because of the embellishing ornament. Reverse belly rings from crystal jewelry collection is not just a creative style that catches the attention but also adds an attribute to the belly rings. There are more of the belly ring collections that you can find in our wholesale as well as retail

4. Crystal Pendant

The crystal micro pendant is never too late to make you follow the most exquisite design of crystal pendant. It has a variety of style and color! When you buy certain jewelry, not only the quality and shape attracts you but also the design of every crystal pendant. Each variety has a certain meaning and the most liked and picked a color in jewelry by women.

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5. Ear and Ring Crystal Jewelry Collection

When two different parts are combined in a certain piece of jewelry than the end meaning of both is stunning. It is toned down and it becomes more expressive. There is a lot of variety of crystal jewelry which earrings and rings are always in. Crystal jewelry is something that we buy when we love it in the first look. Women love receiving gifts like crystal hearts earrings and rings and something with a heart logo on it.

Perfect Place to Find Stunning Crystal Jewelry

Shop around Piercebody.com for body piercing jewelry and be rewarded with a stylish looking piece. This is for the single piercing in your body that too in exciting colors and shapes. There is no risk of developing infections or allergies as the base metal has skin friendly properties. It can make you safe to opt for the entire collection without a second thought. You are certain to find crystal sets for every occasion under the sun. From birthdays to wild rain parties and wedding receptions, there is no occasion where these crystal jewelry collection sets would stand out as misfits. Be sure to buy a couple for your sweetheart too. They make excellent gifts.

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You might surprise on the crystal jewelry collection by Piercebody online. Yet the store has much more to offer. Why should you be satisfied with the spectacular crystals on your body only? You can actually try them out as decorative pieces too!

Piercebody.com is the cure to everything in finding an elegant piece. When you want to look outstanding without going expensive, our body piercing jewelry store is the remedy to your search. They are different to gold body jewelries as it definitely sparkles as well as makes you look attractive when it shines.

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