Straight Barbell with Beach UV Balls

Straight Barbell with Beach UV BallsThe straight barbell with beach UV balls is quite a colorful and trendy looking barbell brought to you by Piercebody. Made of 316l surgical steel with UV balls this straight barbell is excellent for using as bridge piercing. Bridge is done on the upper part of the nose between eyes. It is also known as Earl piercing because Earl Van Aken was the first one to have this piercing done on his face. It is generally a horizontal piercing and this straight barbell with balls will look cool on your face and also add some color to your personality.

This piercing is done in various studios by professional piercers. They use a sterilized needle or cannula or cork to make the perforation. This region is softer than many other popular piercing regions of the body, so it might hurt a little. However, some people have reported of pain equivalent to eyebrow plucking. Redness and swelling is a side effect of this piercing like any other. Also people above 18 years of age are allowed to have this kind of piercing because of the complexity involved in it. Generally, it takes 8-12 weeks for bridge piercing to heal completely.

The aftercare routine must be maintained properly to speed up the healing process. Saline soak with cotton ball or swab is a must and remember to close your eyes to prevent salt water from entering. Strictly avoid using cosmetics or any other form of make up during the healing period and do not try to remove the piercing jewelry either. Bridge piercing can be a minor issue for people wearing glasses. To avoid constant contact and friction you must have the piercing done at a reasonable distance from your glasses. This will also help in avoiding infection.

Straight barbells are best for bridge piercing but some people also use curved barbells and surface bars. Bridge piercing at a standard piercing studio will cost around $40 and $90. If you wish to have some variety, then a vertical bridge piercing is also cool. It is also known as unicorn piercing or third eye piercing. This interesting piercing is best done with a surface bar though you can always opt for straight barbells. Some people do not have much flesh on the bridge region, they should think twice before getting the area pierced because it might cause damage.

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