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surgical steel ear plugs

Steel ear plugs are very trendy and it has a very high requirement in the market. These are made from UV and stainless surgical steel that are shielded and it looks gorgeous when worn. These ear plugs come in various colors which could go along with any stylish outfits.

In addition to fashion technology, growing day by day with many things must need to consider. One of it is a false or illusion plug. Almost all plugs that fit in the pierced ear and it also gives a look of a stretching ear. If it’s worn it sure will make the user stand out distinctly in the crowd. It could be used to check if it really suits the user before going for a permanent solution.

Types of Steel Ear Plugs

Why settle for a painful ear when you can have the desired effect courtesy fake ear plugs? Won’t the look be commonplace either? The base, made of surgical steel will help you to thwart infection and allergies while the beautiful jewels and crystals embedded in them are certain to give a boost to your style quotient. You are entirely free to opt for a gold anodized one too. It is sure to give you a classy feel and look.

These ear tunnel rings are loved by women because it can be used for all events and occasions and are available at huge discounts. These are suitable for even men and can be matched with formal and casual wear. They are in constant demand because of the highest grade materials used. It is also body art form which can be made grand and eye-catching with this new range of gold tunnel piercing. These are in the shape of hollow expanders which are made of surgical steel which is certified for human wear. They are anodized with gold, which makes it visually appealing and rust and corrosion free.

Ear plugs are one sure shot way to give your ear the stretched look without having to undergo any pain and it’s also a very affordable method. You can get the desired look in minutes and that too without much effort.

Our range of wooden ear plug is made from UV material and steel material. The UV material reacts under the UV light and gives out a soft glow of its own. The surgical steel material is safe on the skin and does not cause any allergies or infections. This falls under the screw fit category and the bar length measures 1.2×6 mm. This is one of the most affordable and safe plugs for ears.

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