Steal the Limelight with Gold Labret Studs

If you are looking for ways to steal the limelight with your piercing accessories collection, gold labret studs may be just your thing! Beautify yourself with the labrets which come in the most innovative designs and excellent prices.

gold labret studs

What are Gold Labret Studs?

It is located just below the bottom lip in the center or an asymmetrical position; the labret is a piercing of the most common form. Gold Labret studs are the pieces of accessory which are wearable lip piercings. They have a small stud which is at the front and a flat disc at the back. The flat disc remains inside the mouth, the barbells remains within the piercing, and the jeweled stud is the only one that is visible from the outside.

Gold labret studs attach to each other by a barbell. Labret studs can go well with ear piercings too because the flat portion does not get caught in clothes or hair. They complete from a variety of materials like titanium, stainless steel, polymer plastic or gold.

gold studs

Why Choose These Unique Gold Labret Stud?

Gold labrets might not be the most popular choice of metal when it comes to labret studs. With the gold prices coming down, it is climbing the charts quickly. Yellow gold is back in fashion again. But if your piercing is new and is still healing, you might want to start off with a stud made of a different metal.

Gold Labret Studs may offer you the following:
• 14k pure yellow gold.

• The jewels that rest in the front of the labret stud come at beautiful round, square, heart and star designs.

• These labret studs is wearable for any formal occasions or just for a casual hang-out with friends.

• The stylish designs are well suited to compliment any attire. You can achieve a classy or a chic look quickly.

• The jewels shine under light. You are bound to draw attention for your beautiful piercing accessory.

• They come at a very reasonable price as well.

• They are very comfortable to wear without causing any skin irritation.

gold labrets

Because of the high-quality stones used, the labret studs won’t require high maintenance. So, for the next party, grab a labret stud and flaunt off your fabulous look. To know more about gold labret studs like these, you can visit

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