Lip Piercings: Labret and Studs – The Effect of Using These Enhancing Gems

Effect of Lip Piercings – Labret, Studs

Body piercing using this clip on ear up closure rings makes an ear piercing more colorful and appealing along with lip piercings. These can also use for piercing the lips as well. They are economical and in the shape of circular rings that attaches together. Which closes and choose between men and women globally with ease. For regular and occasional wear and have a long product life. All the stones that are used in the gold head have a visually clear and stunning appeal. It is also applicable in parties and other gatherings and suitable for casual and formal wear.

bioflex lip piercings

Lip piercings are shiny and grand. With this new range of labret studs which are made of bioplastic. Hence these bio labrets have a 14k gold head that attaches to bio Labrets of all sizes. They are from surgical steel 316L and are anodized over the surface. This makes them rust and corrosion free and has a shining surface for a long time.

Make your lips look even more luscious courtesy the spectacular lip piercing jewelry available at From labrets to tiny studs and lip rings, the collection is vast and varied. You are certainly not going to go away without getting hooked to the beauteous lip jewelry. Try out the gold plated rings or plain studs in sterling silver. Surgical steel with titanium is great for lip piercings. They keep all kinds of skin infection at bay. Balls and colored crystals at the end of the labrets make excellent options too. Go for the one you fancy and prepare to get hooked for life.

lip labret

Lip Labrets and Lip Studs from

Lip piercing is popular with this new collection of lip studs and upper lip piercing in one display stand. There are 24 pieces in bioplastic Labrets to fit gold heads of any shapes and sizes. All these bio Labrets are enhance with stones of various shapes and they attract a lot of attention when worn to clubs and social gatherings and are very cheap and user-friendly

Bio Plast Lip Studs

The lip studs varieties have 4 sets of 6 pieces and all these sets of stones of 3mm of various shapes like star shaped, triangle, square and heart shaped. All these have a major demand among woman buyers who flaunt these products for all occasions with glamor and elegance.

These labrets acquire in an assortment of 24 pieces in a display stand. With 6 pieces of 3mm triangular stone with studs and 6pc with 3mm square stones. Also, 6 pieces with the 3mm shape of heart stones and final 6 pieces with 3mm star shaped stones.



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