Stainless Steel Burning Skull Pendant

Stainless Steel Burning Skull PendantWearing a skull on your body is unheard of. We have surely come a long way since the days of witch doctors and voodoo wizards? There is absolutely no need to be scared here. The skull, skeleton, and bones have been incorporated in jewelry designs from time immemorial and remain relevant even today. True, you cannot go out sporting a  bony skull on your wrists, ears, and neck but what stops you from adorning yourself with a life like depiction of each made in the metal of your choice? Nothing at all!

However, when you think of metals just do not go on to assume that it has to be gold or silver or any other precious metal for that matter. They will turn out to be hugely expensive as you know very well. Where on the earth are you going to find money like that especially, if you happen to be a young person still pursuing his studies and dreaming of a high fly job at the end of the semester?

So, brush aside such thoughts for a minute and embrace stainless steel as the apt material for fashioning your skull jewelry. It is non corrosive for one and durable too. There! You do not have to keep buying your macabre range of jewelry now; just doing it once will suffice. Cleaning the burning skull immaculately so that it shines with a quiet gleam is a simple task as well. All it needs is a strong hand with polishing and common cleaning materials, nothing fancy for your cute skull at all.

Look how economic the Stainless Steel Burning Skull Pendant can be. The attractive design is sure to turn heads too and you will suddenly find yourself accosted by guys and girls alike, all wanting to know the place you sourced it from. Go ahead and reveal the name of! You certainly cannot hope to keep it a secret forever. The online store is already known far and wide for its huge, impressive collection of dark, macabre jewelry that thrills but does not kill.

The price is totally affordable too. You will find yourself rubbing your eyes in disbelief once you check the price tag. Only $4.99 for one piece? That too for such a beautiful specimen that has the skull etched on stainless steel in all its glory. There is even a skull on the tiny loop that is used for threading the chain. Go on buy it and lord it over your friends!

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Author: pbblog

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