Unique Designs of Stainless Steel Pendants

Stainless steel pendants have always been an elegant and feminine way to make a fashion statement. They add edge to your outfit without stealing away all the attention. They are more subtle than earrings but more conspicuous than bracelets or rings. Because no matter if it is a simple heart or drops shaped design or intricate geometric designs, pendants will always add a little oomph factor to your look.

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Pendants, when worn properly, can go a long way to reflect your personality. In fact, if it is the only accessory you choose to complement your flowing dress, you will never be in the wrong. In our store, we have a collection of pendants that can be worn by men and women alike. The unisex appeal is a huge factor particularly when costume jewelry is not something that is strictly restricted to women. Men love their occasional pendants and when worn with the right apparel, they will make anybody stand out from the crowd.

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Stainless Steel Pendants Designs

The knife with rose stainless steel casting pendant has that unisex appeal too. It can be worn by the girl with an outlandish personality, with black tee and denim. The guy, on the other hand, it can easily flaunt this pendant with a V-neck tee or a casual shirt. The design is very unusual and very sexy. The mishmash of rose with a knife gives off a very delicate but dangerous vibe. It is a very out of the box choice for anybody.

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The knife with rose stainless steel casting pendant is made of stainless steel. Because it is resistant to tarnish, stainless steel is a very utilitarian choice for jewelry. Body jewelry necessarily needs a surface which won’t interact with the skin in any way; hence stainless steel is the choicest metal for that purpose.

Set your beloved’s heart on fire by presenting yourself in a superb stainless steel pendant that seems classic and ageless despite being fashioned out of an everyday metal. It is bound to fit in nicely within your budget, however modest that might be. While lovely shaped like a fleur de Lis is sure to interest you, the macabre collection of stainless steel pendants won’t disappoint you either. Start by looking at the skeletons and progress on to the bizarre designs like a rose with a knife and a pirate.  Its anti-oxidized finish is just right for wearing it round the clock.

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Opt for a Stainless Steel Pendant

You can be assured that the beauty of this pendant will remain intact for a lot many years. The glossy finish which is a major attraction won’t fade away easy too. Moreover, this metal makes this jewelry a very affordable piece. You get a piece of this pendant only for $5.99.

There is a host of other designs and shapes available in pendants. You can also select other body jewelry like earrings, naval or lip accessories from our online store. Kindly visit www.piercebody.com and revel in the outstanding displays and amazing discounts.


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